Schools that teach this?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Schools that teach this?

Schools that teach this?
Post # 1
I know this is probably a long shot, and I mean LONG shot, but does anyone know of any schools or colleges or anything of the sort that teach the stuff this website teaches? (I.e. Energy, herbalism, astral projection, spell casting, etc) It would be incredibly amazing if so. Schools, colleges, even little local groups or communities. Anything of the sort.
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Re: Schools that teach this?
Post # 2
Schools and colleges no.

You can get classed for hebilisme and things like yoga help with energy work.

And there are groups is owa community's their called covens there is probely one in you area if you live near a city or something their is also ones on here that you can join
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Re: Schools that teach this?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

There have been large magical groups that are devoted to practicing, I do believe Oberon Zel Ravenheart made one called the Grey School of Wizardry, he and his wife are also the founders of the Church of All Worlds.

However, reading some of their work, possibly not the best place for magic in my opinion.

Local Groups and Communities you can find on, however a lot of groups don't really list there because they can attract unwanted attention nor want to bother with it.

There is a large gathering of Pagans, Witches etc on Tumblr (It's mostly a mess) where there are a lot of blogs dedicated to specific paths or general Magical practice where they post informative essay like posts or just send out helpful tricks and tips (as well as sharing pictures of their space/practices).

On here we have a few Covens to be selected from, each filled with different Practitioners who can answer questions (Quite a few do not Teach due to personal and legal reasons) again, don't always take what they say as all knowing truth (Unless they're telling you that you cannot physically accomplish certain feats with 'magic') take time to actually research and figure the rest of the details out for yourself.

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Re: Schools that teach this?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4
There are so many "paths"; so many religions; so many beliefs.
In the end, the best teacher is yourself. Read, ask questions,study the world around you.Study Life!
I had a personal teacher, and she was constantly telling me,
"Don't take my word for it! Check it!"
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Re: Schools that teach this?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Greys School is wannabes of Harry pottor
The Founder is on Ancient Aliens sometime as well as Real Monsters
He is Def a Fluff and His school Council has several members one being Amber K,who give Magical writtings a bad name has far as I am concerned,also The school while being Cheap Is a 7 year commitment
If you want a Diploma sort of paper from them
The courses can all be taught by yourself at your own pace much better and You have the option to study topics and learn skills that you wish to learn,also you will be better off in some things then others my personal choice is to work with systems that I do well in so the spells have more of a chance of success
Treat this like a school,study,practice and go with your flow.
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Re: Schools that teach this?
Post # 6
I know it's been a couple years.....but yes. I clicked on this looking for possible people who have attended. Maybe people say that the schools will choose you if if they want you. But in short, yes there are magick schools.
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