Eyes (color, vision)

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Eyes (color, vision)

Eyes (color, vision)
Post # 1
I am inspired to share this spell with everyone out there who is strongly influenced by the beauty of their eyes and want to strengthen, beautify, and enhance the overall appearance of them.

When you are at your highest potential of magick strength, when your desire is strong, and when you are calm and willing allow yourself to be well hydrated. Go outside for a walk around your house or block. When you are outside, take the time to look and marvel at nature and what you can see. Speak to the trees, the wind, the air, the earth and deliberately speak to nature expressing how you feel about it in your own way. As long as it's coming from a happy, strong, and standing of appreciation this spell will transform to whatEver it is you desire.

Now, when you feel a slight embrace from the universe... It'll feel almost as if the trees are smiling down at you. Because they can hear you. Start talking to yourself, softly outloud what you desire for your eyes as if you already have it. Tell the world, what it feels like to have beautiful eyes, in what color it is you desire, and what a new vision represents for you. After all, your eyes are the window into your soul. But also, they perceive in whichever way you choose. The purpose of describing your new eyes as if you already have it is to raise your power. Influence you in slight ways, just like that a transformation would.

You can use these words that I use everyday, or invoke the same feelings and create your own.

"Beautiful eyes that belong to me, you are the window into my soul. Shine like the sun, illuminate like the moon, and reflect like the sea. The grey, the green, and the blue is what you emanate. You are powerful, resilient, radiant, and all seeing to the beauty and gifts of the universe, bring me the clearest skies and the calmest winds as I take the time to appreciate you. Enhance my ision, allow yourselves to strengthen and heal. Allow yourselves to see color, light and in darkness shine brightly."

This is a lengthy spell and it doesn't rhyme but for me it brings me joy to recite it once or twice a day. After i recite these words I like to stand for a minute or two. Longer depending on how I feel and I imagine for fun what it would be like to have beautiful eyes i wake up to see every morning, day and night. So you can take it upon yourself, to speak to your eyes and love them and be joyful with them. Until then, you simply state your desire of them and relax. Trust the power of influence and the DNA in your body responding to your wishes. You also have nature by your side. Rest assured and I hope you enjoy this spell.
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Re: Eyes (color, vision)
By: / Novice
Post # 2

I love the idea, but DNA will never "respond to your wishes", DNA is set, unless you go through DNA therapy which only alters slight segments for medial reasons.

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