I need advice!!!!

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I need advice!!!!
Post # 1
I have been spell casting for five years now, and i just joined this site. Anyway i have been doing random spells. i just feel like i need to go ahead and commit to a type of witchcraft already. Another problem i am facing is that i don't know enough people in my personal life who also do witchcraft so i can to wicca rituals. with pagan i don't have enough supplies and i cant go out and get them because i don't have a car yet. So i need some help deciding what I am going to be.

About me
- I started doing witchcraft at 9
- I am a Scorpio
- I am now 14
- I am very passionate about this
- I would harm someone but i am manly a protector
- I belive in an afterlife
- I a big outdoorsy person
- I am a female

Anyway i hope you guys can help me on this.

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Re: I need advice!!!!
Post # 2
The Craft is a very personal choice and what path you choose to follow. It kind of sounds like you have chosen a solitary path for the time being. But as you evolve and grow it doesn't mean that path can't change. And not sure what you mean by supplies. Think about our ancestors why did they use candles? Partly because it's the only source of light they had. While I use candles in all of my rituals you don't have to have a specific type or size and white candles can be used for any color.

Magick is energy and energy is inside of you. Some people consider peacock feathers to be very unlucky and should not be used in rituas but I use then because they were part of my wedding decorations and that much love and positive energy infused into them are great for my rituals and for smudging.

Look in your kitchen cupboard cinnamon, basil, oregano, ect can all be used. Rocks found outside charged correctly can be used. Our ancestors didn't have shops or ways to purchase things for the Craft. They found ways to use what they had for their intent and purpose. You can also.
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Re: I need advice!!!!
Post # 3
No one can choose your path for you. Look up types of Wicca and Paganism to start out. Then study each one for a few minutes writing down your favourite parts about that said path. Once you have written a few facts about the ones you've chosen, then find the one that suits YOU the most and continue your studies on from there.
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Re: I need advice!!!!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

So do you want to be a Witch or do you want to be Wiccan? They are not the same thing.

Witchcraft is simply a form of magical practice. Someone can be a Witch and hold religious beliefs or not.

Wicca is a very specific religion with specific beliefs and practices. While Wiccans do believe in magic many Wiccans rarely if ever cast spells.

So deciding whether you are looking for a religion or simply for a spell casting practice should be your first question to yourself.

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Re: I need advice!!!!
By: / Novice
Post # 5
You are still very young
One's path will come to them over time
Many of us practice alone don't let that hold you back
Witchcraft is a Craft,or a practice,you can be any religion or of any faith,Just keep doing what you are doing in time you will figure it all out.
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