Creating a Tarot Book

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Creating a Tarot Book
By: / Novice
Post # 1
Not a Diary or a Journal
But your own personal Book on Tarot.
This is a great way to truly learn the deck
And the method I used and found most effective to have it all settled in.
To learn Tarot i always suggest reading a few books on Tarot and tsking notes,it becomes confusing because if you read three books you may get three different meanings on the same cards and then on other cards they may all agree,The key to reading Tarot successfully is actually your personal intuition and instinct
As well ad a general knowledge of the cards Historical meanings
Get a book and start with the 0-Fool and go through all of the Majors with Each card gather all of your favorite meanings
And add any other notes you wish to add on each card
The go through the minors,seperate The Four elements(suits)
One by one From Ace 1 to king Ten write down As many meanings for each as you wish and includ your own.Be sure to write down the Elemental connection for Each seperate suit and overall theme
Like Cups being more of Yin fem Qualities and more internal and spiritual then the other 3.
Break everything down and section it all off as you wish
The main reason I did this and feel it's a good idea is to have al of your favorite information contained in one book instead of several books,all killer no filler so to speak since anything you usually skip over Will not be added
Writting things down tend to commit new things to the mind more firmly and faster then anything.Now when giving reading you have a reference book that you created..In time you won't need the book but for a while you will be going back and adding to or correcting as you gift and understanding of the cards expand.
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