Karma: Retribution?

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Karma: Retribution?
Post # 1
Hello everyone, I bid you good day.

First off, I'm not sure if I've come to the right place, but I've met some good people whom have told me there are knowledgeable people here. I apologize if this thread is long.

My name is Brandon, I'm a freshman in college studying in Princeton, New Jersey. Over the past several months I've made amazing friends, worked hard, and even found a lover. Before I left to start my life anew, I made sure to close old ties and mend whatever I felt was necessary to avoid leaving behind any old scars.

Last month, my life began to take a negative turn. I broke up with the person I was dating and cared so much for, my grades began to fall, and I became deathly ill leading to my withdrawal from school in order to become better. I feel broken, and I also feel very attacked... in a sense. I understand that life is full of ups and downs, but I also feel as if I've acquired bad karma. I don't feel quite like myself; almost tainted, if you will.

I'm looking for a way, if there is any, to cleanse my being. If available, rid myself of any bad karma that may be taking me for a joyride I feel as though I'll never recover from.

I'm not sure if perhaps there is a spiritual, or magickal way that can help me to recover. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 2
Ophie, Thanks for sharing your experience, and if it makes you feel any better, we all go throe these life challenges soon o later, because we have a lesson to learn. I am sure there are spiritual ways to do cleaning, but it also takes your corporation to help the process. Just like seeing a doctor and being proscribed a medication. If you don?t take them you can?t get better, hope it makes sense. If you need to talk I am happy to listen. All the best!
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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 3
Not everything that happens in our lives is directly related to Karma. I do try to live a life that does not bring bad Karma into my life or those I care about. But in this life we do go through hardships and difficult times not because or Karma necessarily but to help us learn and grow.

I know right now there seems to be no reason for what is going on in your life. But you have two choices let it over take you. Or come out of it stronger. Definitely see a MD about the health issues. I know this all is very overwhelming but you will find your way.
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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 4
Both above comments are knowledgable and sensible but a good start is to, eat healthier and find something to relieve stress, then you may be able to re-evaluate and seek a much clearer health result.
Most of magick does not work if you do not believe.
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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 5
Dont worry bout that as much sometimes life just takes a stray..
But all be well...first off you need to see a doctor about your illness..
About your grades...well maybe you should focus on parts of your studies thst challenge you and revise them..tensely..Then about your lover am sorry bout that too..but in life..people come and go..even the most dear ones..
Stay strong..

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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 6
You should read about the law of three. Some call it karma, but its actually a natural course from the law of three. An individual can go a long time getting what they want, but for everything you get that you want eventually you are going to get back something you didn't want.
There isn't much to be done about it. Personally, I have found it in my best interest to prioritize the things that I want.
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Re: Karma: Retribution?
Post # 7
Thank you all for your generosity.

Medically I've been in contact with doctors and I'm working out a medical plan that should have me recovered at some point.

Would some form of meditation help perhaps calm my nerves or help balance out my life? I've contemplated meditation in the past, but have never been able to find a medium for actual practice. If anyone has any sort of app or something that they can direct me to, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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