getting my feet wet...

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Forums -> Vodou -> getting my feet wet...

getting my feet wet...
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I guess I'm considering vodun as a spiritual path now...! I'm a tiny bit confused (not as many resources as wicca has) so if anyone here would please answer as many questions as they could or just point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

~ how would a person without many resources start practice?

~ is practice possible without that communal feel?

~ how closely are vodun and ethnic identity tied?

~ is animal sacrifice necessary?

~ is practice watered down without sacrifice?

~ how do you get to know all of the orisha/loa?

~ are there any special festivals?

~ what does daily practice generally look like?
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Re: getting my feet wet...
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
1. Meditation is a lot of it! Also, read articles on the site and find PDFs of books. (I'll list some at the end)

2. Of course! Solitary witches practice alone.

3. Fairly close, I believe. However, you may practice whatever you believe no matter what race or ethnicity.

4. Unless you're spell/ritual calls for it, no.

5. That's really an opinion. Some believe yes, some no. So, it really depends on your belief.

6 & 7. Those are things you can research! ;)

8. No practice has a certain look. It's all what you make it!

Helpful Links:

Helpful Books:

"Modern Magick" by Donald Michael Kraig
"Before You Cast a Spell" by Carl McColman
"Spells and How They Work" by Janet and Stewart Farrar

Blessed Be.
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Re: getting my feet wet...
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Lots and lots of googling and Downloading
Vodou is a religion
Hoodoo is Folk Magick
Learn the differences first
See what path You like.
For Magick Be sure to Avoid books written by Wiccans in the beginning as systems and moral codes are very different
Once you have basics covered then you can get any type of books becsuse you will understand what may be useful and what we look over in our own practices on the flip side
If you decide you want to be a witch
Don't read anything written by Cunning folk
Read abour Witchcraft as early on mixing of systems and religions can be very confusing since Magick is very hard to learn to begin with...Good Luck,Any questions on Hoodoo,Tradional Witchcraft,Tarot cards or,Thestic Satanism or Catholicism Hit me up
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Re: getting my feet wet...
By: / Novice
Post # 4
For Vodun you need to find a priest most priest dont speak english since most priests are african
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Re: getting my feet wet...
Post # 5

The priest are normally Haitian.

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