Something Dark

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Something Dark
Post # 1
Something is out there. A friend of mine was attacked by four shadow beings. He fought them off but it was bad. He's been attacked by a creature he calls "The Cloak" as well. These attacks are becoming more frequent and I need to help him. I've been seeing a single shadow for multiple years, here and there. Only last year was I actually attacked at all. And it was in the kitchen unlike outside where I would usually see it. I'm fairly scared. Something tried to attack one of my dogs last night and it made my house shake on the outside. What is happening? I've put some protective enchantments on my house and given my friends protective pendants but they don't seem to be working now. Can anyone tell me what this is or is about and how I can protect them?
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Re: Something Dark
Post # 2
By reading half of it, it sounds a bit fluff but you could be mistaken of what's actually out there shadow beings do not harm one much but dark entities and demons do if you believe in those. It seems you are mistaken for what's actually out there for certain beings there are certain enchantments that will help protect one for example you can't put up a protection sphere against demonic entities when spirits are attacking you. First try to find out what exactly is causing this
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Re: Something Dark
Post # 3
I apologize if I have mistaken what I've seen. I'm trying my best to figure out what's happening but there's little I know about these things, I can only take what I've experienced and base a theory off it. If you have further information about what's occurring please let me know. I'm very confused and worried.
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Re: Something Dark
By: / Novice
Post # 4
As stated in another thread
I do believe in Ghosts but someone being attacked by them I find doubtful a group of them even more so.
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