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New and Curious
Post # 1
Greetings to all. I am a newbie to an "organized"way, I guess you could say. All my life strange and unusual things have happened around me and apparent because of me. When I hit M teen years my mother finally shared her knowledge of the craft and her experiences. And showed me the genealogy of our family. Both maternal and paternal sides were traced back to Salem and the trails and further back to practitioners in Ireland and Scotland. As I grew up I never realm investigated my abilities or talents due to again my mothers experiences that she had shared. She was trying to scare me off that path. Since she has passed, I have become more and more interested again. And in the course of my research I found this site. I love the information I have gathered from here. And I was excited to see so many other people who believe and practice as I do and want to.
Now I am ready to stretch my wings and see what I can do when I set my mind to it instead of accidentally. And recently my spouse and I have had a life altering event happen due to some truly unpleasant people. It has resulted in us temporarily losing our 5 and 6 year old boys. We know have to defend ourselves against bogus claims and it is tearing our 8 year marriage to hell. And it is destroying us both individually also. So in hopes of finding something that could help us personally and as a couple I got in touch with a part of me that I had never consciously tapped into. And to be perfectly honest I also am looking for like minded people who wont judge me or what I believe in. And since this has started about 2-3 weeks ago my husband has been being stalked by something that I can only describe as demonic. Whether they are inner demons manifesting themselves or something darker, I need to help him. He has asked for my help since he knew my background, and I said I would do anything I could do to help. Problem is, I have no "formal" belief system in any gods or goddesses' or any other deity. I am wondering if that will prevent me from doing anything to help him? If someone could help with this question and has ideas on how i can identify and deal with my husbands stalker I would truly be appreciative! Thank you and Blessed Be.
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Re: New and Curious
Post # 2
While I am no expert could it be another possibility that the negative energy from the current turmoil you are going through be manifesting itself as the darkness. I personally would sage my house with the intent of ridding it of negativity
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Re: New and Curious
Post # 3
Sorry to hear!
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