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Post # 1
This site is really starting to make me think that it's fake. Every time I message someone or they message me first. They always do that little role play thing - - with the words in between it. Its starting to make me mad. Because I can't find anybody that serious about magic

Re: Fluffs
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 2
Have you spent anytime in the chat room?

Re: Fluffs
Post # 3
Every time I take the little test. I can't pass. I don't know why

Re: Fluffs
By: / Novice
Post # 4
I'll never go into the chat room
Other boards over the years totally turned me off,also that's where the most infractions happen...I like to keep a clean nose and mind my business,I'll be very active on the boards though as long as it's a board who excpets differing opinions
If not I just l erk

Re: Fluffs
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 5
Blackmist, there are thousands of people on this site, try not to judge it by just a few.

Re: Fluffs
Post # 6

funny isn't it? a few can get bad names for all...

I too am fed-up of the weird vampwolfbunnyunicorn people. But it's pretty much unfair to judge all by a few. Not all are fake here.

Re: Fluffs
By: / Novice
Post # 7
It's kind of a pain, but not everyone is like that, it depends where you look. There's less in the site forums than in spell casters forums, and even less in coven private chat rooms.

Regarding the chat test, read each question carefully, there is one trick question where they tell you what to put down.

Re: Fluffs
By: / Novice
Post # 8
Don't get fed up,most are kid's who grew up on twlight and Harry potter.A grown adult with such wishes is very sad and should be pitied.I admit many moons ago.when I got into magick,I was very disappointed that I could not actually do all of the amazing things books and TV told me I could by learning the arts,I actually took a year off,Then I had the cslling again
And learned what Magick really is and learned to work amazing things on a real basis..Look at my handle
I'm a Hugh fan of the TV show supernatural
I wish Magick was like that but Magick is amazing in and of itself as it is.
A fluffy May end up being legit one day,I'm sure many do
It's like a Kid first realising that there is no Santa but then that kid grows up to love the many other magickal things about the beauty of Christmas.

Re: Fluffs
Post # 9

It is somewhat irritating and disappointing when I mail someone to talk about a serious magical topic and I get a response with them claiming to be a vampire or something ridiculous. It's insulting to my intelligence and I wish these people would stop. Thankfully there are people on this site who are serious about magic, which is why I am still here. Consider that they aren't trying as hard to get attention as the role players.

That being said, be careful how you use the word fluffy / fluff since it also is a homophobic slur and someone new to the site might be offended if they don't know what you mean. I simply refer to them as role players.

Re: Fluffs
Post # 10
It's not cool to make fun of people's sexual orientation even by accident. Some people use it to mean fake spells and witches, but its also not a nice thing to call someone especialy if they are gay.

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