New and lost

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New and lost
Post # 1
Hello, my name is Sierra. A couple years ago I found this site and tried a spell, and it actually worked. I don't remember what it was called but you sit in front of a mirror and point out All the positive things about yourself with a pink piece of jewlery, and after doing this, someone would show a love interest in you. 2 days later I met a guy and he's STILL trying to get with me. Recently my life has gone to hell. After a horrible, traumatizing experience on halloween, my boyfriends parents kicked me out accusing me of lying. Now I live with my sister. I've spent 2 weeks in bed, too depressed to move. But then I remembered this site, and the comfort and curiosity I found in it. I've been so lost and alone, and I realized tonight that I want to find a coven. I want to find people who are as open minded to the world around me as I am. If you are in Salt Lake City, or know of anyone who is, let it be known I am interested.
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Re: New and lost
Post # 2
I'm sorry to hear your sad story. Welcome to the site :)
And if you need help, just ask. We have a lot of friendly members on here.
Can't you use a reverse spell to set things right?
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Re: New and lost
Post # 3
There are a few Covens in that area but you will have to do your research and which belief system they follow. But Covens of any type in that state a few and far between. I am sorry you are having troubles and so sad right now.

Just eduate yourself on which Coven is the best for you being in such a depressed state makes you more vulnerable. I would suggest googling Covens in your area I know there is a website that fairly accurate about Covens in someone's area if the Coven's choose to list themselves on the Website. But I cannot recall the name of it. Good luck on your journey
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Re: New and lost
Post # 4
Hi Sierra,
You are amongst caring people on this site who will be there. Sorry to hear about your sad news. It may be worth a try to do a reversal and see how it goes. Sometimes with magick it can go a bit awry if you haven't covered all of your bases, make sure you work with the elements and do daily exercise such as meditation, grounding and shielding yourself against negative forces. Just a suggestion.hope you find a coven that you enjoy working with.
Take care
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