Nature of Paladins.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Nature of Paladins.

Nature of Paladins.
Post # 1
With this post, I hope to clarify any misunderstandings on what a paladin is, and what media has bogus-ly made them out to be. (And yes I know that's not a real word) There are three important things to know

1. They are not like in world of warcraft and cannot do that whole "healing" thing. I find this to not only be a bogus image, but a personally disrespectful one.

2. They are not humongous warriors wielding over sized weapons. This is also another image I personally think is disgraceful, even if it is just a game.

3. Paladins are not always about light, they are fighters of the religion they choose and act and serve accordingly.

Now then, to my main point, what is a paladin? Well, it is a general term, as I said, for anyone who fights for a religion, either with action or words, and who swears an oath to defend that belief. Paladins are not always friendly as it depends on the religion. If the religion is Christian-like whereas it encourages a friendly behavior, than that is usually the case, however, if theirs is not and sees a perfect religious figure as being solid and not friendly, than they will likely take on that visage, and so forth. A paladin is not all perks, as they are not always great heroes in the eyes of everyone, as religions oppose each other often and their visage of perfect is quite different as well as their morals. This doesn't mean the paladin is sworn to kill all other religious people who do not follow their religion however, it means they are sworn to defend their religion if it is attacked. Paladins, as they are sworn to, will hold their ground on religious debates and are often seen by some as stubborn and very very hard headed, but again this depends on religion and personally beliefs. One last thing, being a paladin isn't a joke and if one wishes to become one, it should not be taken lightly, as paladins are sworn to hold all of their religious vows, and must find ways of dealing with problems, even if the easier routes are against what they believe in. For anyone wanting to become one, keep in mind it is a very religious and heartfelt commitment. Anyone can become a paladin, but before doing so, it is wise to know what religion you intend to serve and the specifics and be prepared to go into argument often. Being a paladin is not easy, but can feel very fulfilling if you hold to your guts. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Nature of Paladins.
Post # 2
Also as for sources I will post them soon, I forgot to while I was making this.
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Re: Nature of Paladins.
Post # 3

One of my basic sources, still have to find the others again. Lol
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