move out so I can move in

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move out so I can move in
Post # 1

**I want to explain everything so this will be long, please excuse the length but I want all areas to be considered. The gist is I want someone to move out of his room so I can move in and I want to stay in the light with my magic, wishing nothing but the best for my target so that he can go on to much more successful things.

I have dabbled in love magic and am fairly confident in my abilities at this point. I have been living at my current location for a little under a year now. I share the top floor of a brownstone with two other not very clean or considerate roommates in my personal opinion. We have attempted to voice concerns having to do with how unkempt the house is but not much has become of it since there are still issues with garbage disposal and keeping the bathroom tidy as well as other particularly maddening annoyances. The primary cause is our male roommate. Not only is he clueless when it comes to how one should keep house, he also has loud sex with his girlfriends on a regular basis. There have been many a night where I have lost sleep and went into work zombified because of being awoken at 2 or 3 in the morning by his lovers. Other than these things I do not have much a problem. My room is right beside his and there is a door between us as well. He has the largest room on the floor but for some reason he decided to place his bed right next to the door.

Long story short, my boyfriend wants to move in with me but my room will not contain both of us comfortably for very long before we can find a bigger place. The more I think about my roommate moving out so I can have his big spacious room the more the idea is appealing to me. With him out I know there will be less mess around the place plus there won't be girls every night moaning and what not.

Can anyone suggest of a method or approach to take in spell casting/ritual work where I can not only encourage him to move away but also have myself move into that space? He is an actor and travels a lot for roles and auditions and what not. I just want him to be successful, nab a long term gig on the west coast so he can pick up and go happily. Or get something better here on the east but have the money and credit to move out this brownstone and into a swankier place that I know he'd prefer. And I also want his room for my boyfriend and I! My rooms too tiny. Any and advice? Thank you!!!
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Re: move out so I can move in
By: / Novice
Post # 2
well first off there isn't anything legally you could do? when you moved in didn't you sign a lease? in that lease it said nothing about noise or division of chores? you could also check with the bi-laws in the area. [in my town you can call the cops if your neighbours are being too loud after 11 at night]

second, i know you mentioned you've tried dividing the chores with little success, but have you asked him to a. move is bed b. not have anyone over after a certain hour or on weekdays c. asked to switch room since he's away a lot and your boyfriend wants to move in.

speaking of boyfriend, why can't the two of you find a place? money's tight, but it can be done. [trust me, i know it's possible] if money is tight, sit down together and come up with a savings plan of some kind and figure out now how bills and rent would be best split.

magickally, i would look into spells to help save money so i can move over making someone else move, but you could look into a job spell. easy one is to carve his name into a copper coloured candle, then visualize him getting an amazing job and moving.
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Re: move out so I can move in
Post # 3
You can hot foot them
Lots of foot track Magick
And id make a Doll,stuffed with a item of hers
And put all of your intent into it
A doll can be made of anything even an action figure or Barby doll
You Baptist the doll as the person then bind them up.
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