Loving,or "in love"?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Loving,or "in love"?

Loving,or "in love"?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
It is very sad to see so many requests from members for " a love spell". So many asking "How can I get my ex back?".
I am of an age where I can see that much of this is caused by modern living. Everything moves so quickly! In the old days, things were slower.Young people took time to really know each other. Nowadays, an engagement hardly lasts a month!
I have a neighbour who married after knowing her husband for five days! The marriage lasted a month; he's gone, she's alone.
We get members who are young teenagers,some as young as 13 asking for a spell to get their ex back! Ex? At 13?
They are "In love".
But what does that really mean? In love?
Being "in love" has always seemed to me to be a case of "I want!"
A boy sees a pretty girl and thinks, "I want that girl!".
A girl will have the same thoughts for a handsome boy. But that is really only physical attraction; and that, I'm afraid, does not last! It fades very, very quickly.
But if a couple take time to really know each other. If each is prepared to give up some part of their life for the other; then real love can develop. Being "in love" is nothing like the real thing.
Whenever I hear a young boy say, "Oh, I love that girl! She is so pretty!", it always reminds me of the lyrics of a song I learnt many years ago. Here they are:-
At seventeen he falls in love quite madly
With eyes of tender blue.
At twenty-four he gets it rather badly
With eyes of a different hue.
At thirty-five you'll find him flirting wildly
With two, or three, or more!
And when he fancies he is past love,
It is then he meets his last love;
And he loves her as he's never loved before!

So, you see? If you meet the "one" that you want to spend all your life with, take your time! Love can last a lifetime; "being in love" doesn't!
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Re: Loving,or "in love"?
Post # 2
Well said I enjoy reading your posts.
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Re: Loving,or "in love"?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Brysing you're right, I agree with you about everything you just said, how people are moving to fast.
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Re: Loving,or "in love"?
Post # 4
Bravo! Well put.
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Re: Loving,or "in love"?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Very nice. I liked that little song.

Many people today want the easy answer, or fast results, and it is upsetting. I understand when you're young and see everyone dating you feel like you'll never find love [I'm 16 and never had a date! I need to buy a bunch of cats because I'm forever alone!] I do know the feeling, but it seems like that's the be all and end all, if you're not dating someone you're a loser.

I also notice people seem to believe whoever you're dating is your forever guy/girl, so if they break up you'll never meet anyone else ever. [My boyfriend just broke up with me, an evil witch put a spell on him so I need a spell to bring him back! I know he still loves me, he's just being influenced by the spell!] It is sad when things end, but life is a journey, sometimes it's fun to be single, just as it is sometimes fun being in a relationship. Also, it isn't always happy bliss. You will defiantly get annoyed by the other person [socks! Socks everywhere!] I also think the media plays a part into this fantasy relationships are magical sunshine lands of perfection, you'll always be as you were the first month of your relationship, and any argument means you're breaking up.
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