Honey jar spells

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Honey jar spells
Post # 1
Hi everyone,

Im new to all this and I was hoping that someone could give me any details on honey jar spells to get your ex back and what's the time length of this spell.thanks alot
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Re: Honey jar spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
There are several versions posted in the enormous honey jar spell thread. You can also alter any spell to your own liking and purpose. You don't need a pre-made ritual for your work.
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Re: Honey jar spells
Post # 3

I very recently did a honey jar of my own to get a wayward lover back in tow. In reality I used more than just honey. Since I was working with Oshun, the goddess of love and attraction, and I've seen several rituals consisting of varying ingredients associated with that deity I decided to put together my own version of the honey jar. I started with 5 sweet ingredients, including honey, since 5 is the goddesses number. When offering her the sweets I lit a yellow candle and called on her for her help with my paramour. I prayed that she would sweeten our relationship and help to make us individually happy as well as happy together. I also added in my prayer that if it is not meant to be make it clear all the while humbly asking the goddess to work on my behalf. The night before the 5th day I added more of the sweet ingredients and some rum and coconut milk. Then I went to a river on the 5th day, prayed a similar prayer and sent the jar into the river. 30 minutes later he hit me up and that night he was in my arms again.

One thing to keep in mind is that I was doing other work in conjunction with the sweet jar as I call it. I did work with a red candle and worked with crystals as well to reinforce my intention and desire for us to be together again. I think what helped me most was intuitively creating my own spell and ritual as related to the goddess Oshun. I've been venerating her for a while but never really done magic before with her aid before this. Best of luck to you!
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