2 Things; I'm desperate

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> 2 Things; I'm desperate

2 Things; I'm desperate
Post # 1
OK so first,
My magic will not not work. It never really has, Ive tried and still continue to try everything. No use. Maybe I just am not cut out for this life, I'm not sure. Just any spells or suggestions would be SO appreciated .

Next, I am completely and totally forever alone.
I've never had anyone like me (like in a girlfriend boyfriend sorta way) and its getting me down. I've contemplated killing myself over this way to many times . I've actually tried two times with no success. I know I shouldn't put so much value on a boyfriend (I'm a girl BTW) but it kinda was one of those things I could never have that I really wanted. Just please if anyone could help me. I've tried everything with this too. Changing my personality, my mannerisms, my dress, EVERYTHING! help much needed
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Re: 2 Things; I'm desperate
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
First, what are you trying to do in magic?

Second, don't fret on that so much. I was the same until I met my husband.
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Re: 2 Things; I'm desperate
Post # 3

To have your magic work, you need to understand why it works and how it works. These are fundamental in casting spells. Also, you need to make sure you are using good spells. Some of the spells you find on the internet will not work at all.

As for getting a boyfriend, this is a rule of life: To obtain love, you must first love yourself. If you do not truly love yourself, value yourself, and consider yourself worthy of love, you won't ever find love with someone else. I'm not saying you have low self esteem, but if you aren't okay with yourself unless you're in a relationship, you will not be okay in a relationship.

It's not worth killing yourself over, and I really, truly, honestly hope you never try to do that again.

I think a big part of learning to love yourself is doing the opposite of what you've done. Changing everything about yourself so a boy will notice you just ensures they never will. A few things here and there to better yourself is great, but being someone who just isn't you won't find you love, and even if it did, they wouldn't be in love with you, just in love with an illusion - that's not fair to you or him, is it?

Best of luck. PM me whenever.

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Re: 2 Things; I'm desperate
Post # 4
Your Magick is not working because you don't know the art of casting spells yet,You need to have you emotions involved and belief,direction,focus etc.
Two Magick can't help you with your love situation unless improve how you feel about yourself.
Next don't try to kill yourself again
It usually fails and it hurts you and those who care about you.
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