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Guardian Demon Visit
Post # 1
11-14-15 SAT 7:40 AM Sleep Paralysis Experience.

Greetings everyone, I've been having sleep paralysis over a year now and have seen many horrifying episodes but my most recently epsiodes is the one I'm about to tell you. This shadow demon which foes no harm to me enjoys sniffing me as I lay in bed unable to move and speak. It occurs 3-4 timed a day I'm curious why it continuesly doing this. Well here's what I experienced this morning. Now for those who has no idea what "Sleep Paraysis" is I suggest you do research on it before commenting Thank You.

As I was laying in bed tired this morning I closed my eyes then my body went into Sleep Paralysis... Few moments later I felt something sniffing me and I knew it was my guardian demon shadow, I opened my eyes, the beauty of small creature looked at me continuing sniffing me as it looks up to me as his hero. I asked in my head "dark angel why must sniff me?" It responded by forming its nose into a humming bird beak then it plucked me..I closed my eyes then I woke up, as I did I heard a loud whale nose like it didn't want me to go.

In my opinion Sleep Paralysis is a another spiritual doorway spirits can contact us. It's also the beginning of astral projection based on a article I read about a guy was able to lift up out of his body by hitting the "demon" out of his bedroom.He got up and looked at his flesh body laying in bed as a beast was sitting on top of his body flesh.

Leave your comments below on your opinions,questions and thoughts on this topic.
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Re: Guardian Demon Visit
Post # 2
Sleep paralysis is perfectly explainable by scientific means. It's due to a hypnagogic state, or in other words, the state between asleep and awake.

I think your theory is interesting, though. I've seen many guides for astral projection who described the hypnagogic state as the starting point for AP.
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Re: Guardian Demon Visit
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Guardian Demon Visit
Post # 4
The disruption of the neurotransmitters and sleep cycle could be from many different things. Organic or induced. Many things can effect this. You decide if you continue the pattern or change it.
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Re: Guardian Demon Visit
Post # 5
Guardian Demons aren't really a thing
Demons usually aren't here to help
Feeling paralyzed is not a good thing my friend.
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