Buying or receiving?

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Buying or receiving?
Post # 1
I have heard both sides of the story; it is good to use magic items that have been given to you, but it is also an advantage to use magic items that you have picked yourself due to feeling drawn to them.

Recently my sister bought a rose quartz pendulum as she was drawn to it. With saying this, I use an onyx pendulum that my mother gave me about 8 years ago and I believe it works greatly.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe that it is better to use magic items that have been given to you, or use magic items that you have felt drawn to?
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Re: Buying or receiving?
Post # 2
Personally I have no Choice but to buy
If I waited to be gifted Magick items I'd be waiting well into another lifetime.I order online, another issue with living in New York, very few options s left as far as actually occult stores
Many book stores and Tarot reading shops but that's about it
So I use Amazon, I always order new because I want clean energy
Since I won't know the sellers personally.
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Re: Buying or receiving?
Post # 3
I don't really feel like there's that big of a difference. Both are equally valid, with separate advantages, of course.

With gifting, it's vital to cleanse the item(s) of any past energy they may carry. But on the other hand, free supplies, and it's nice knowing someone you love gave you a precious gift.

With buying, generally speaking, you still need to cleanse the item(s). You also have to pay for it yourself. But you can be assured that you will like the item you're receiving.

One of my dearest witch friends bought me a clear quartz pendulum for Christmas last year. I would have picked a different crystal, but it's from her, I use it, and I didn't have to pay for it- so it holds some meaning to me.

There's also a raw amethyst crystal my mother gave me when I was young. I adore it. It started me down my path, you could say. I think it may have even aided me in my spiritual path before I became a witch. Again, gifting is nice.

I prefer getting gifts, but it's nice when you find something that just clicks.
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