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Post # 1
I am new enough to this. I don't know as much as I might like to know about many things; but unlike many other things, this is something for which I have felt a pull toward since the earliest that I am able to remember. That means that for almost 30 years I have pushed something to the side even though I knew it to be important.

Does there have to be a specific starting point? If not, I would like to ask for advice.

I feel a very real connection. I think, as I work, throughout my day, and in my dreams, about the state of things throughout the world. I see so many people, and I feel them. I see life. I see animals, and trees, and earth.. and between everything, I see blue.. that is the best I can describe it. I see blue. Not just in dreams, but not when my eyes are open. When I am awake, I learn about what is now, and I can close my eyes and feel.. past.. and future,, I feel very awkward saying this. Regardless of what ever this is, I do know that it feels like love. I know that because what I "see" can feel wonderful or horrible (situation dependent).

Also, since I am putting this all out there, I can feel certain presences... I have very rarely felt a good presence, but my mother (though I have no idea where she got this from) thought me something that I have used since I was a little kid.. She taught me to recognize the feeling of an uncomfortable presence, and then to shut my eyes and envision myself encapsulated in a sphere (she said circle, but as a child i was worried about something getting at me from the top or bottom, so I changed it to a complete sphere). I can see a blue sphere surrounding me, and I have learned that if I do that, tell the presence to leave, and then continually expand the sphere, that immediately afterwards the presence is gone.

I would like to learn how to protect others, and I would like to develop the sight that I have. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Re: Connection
Post # 2
FYI also, when I talk about "love", I am talking about a feeling that one feels deeply within.. Like if you have children and they decide to not make choices that are the most beneficial to them - the outcomes of which you may not be able to effect.
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Re: Connection
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Well you will benefit from a beginner's guide, perhaps The Witches Bible by Janet and Stewart Farrar would be of help. [But if you have a specific path let us know and we can provide other books] If you go into the 'General Information' section of the forums you should find a list of pinned forums with begginers information that can also help you.

For your 'abilities' I would look into meditation and chakra work [start from the root up] balancing your chakras can help the flow of energy in your body and help you in a variety of ways. Each one controls a certain aspect of ourselves, so if you keep them balanced you too should feel a better sense of balance.

For protection, first look at energy work [charging, centering, grounding, and shielding] you should also look into cleansing and protections. A simple one is salt water can purify, sprinkle some around your house once a week to cleanse negative energy [you could also keep a small bowl by the front door to dip your fingers in when you come home] For protection hanging a symbol of protection in your home and/or wear one [whatever you feel protects you, a pentacle, a cross, a star of David, anything] there's more to it like visualization and energy, but that's a simple way to protect yourself, your home, and your loved ones.
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Re: Connection
Post # 4
Firstly, thank you. I will be reading this beginners guide within the next week. I hope you wouldn't mind if I have questions. As far as 'abilities", I don't know that they are there.. only that I have had an understanding of a feeling. is a "feeling" different than an emotion? I think a feeling is a separate understanding.

I am not afraid of anything. I have not experienced anything that I would say that I have to say that I had to be afraid of. I only recognize that I have encountered, and as anyone without an explanation of a reality outside of their own might say. I only wish for a lesson from one with an understanding.

Outside of that, to my knowledge (although I am not unwilling to learn anything outside of what I, myself, think may effect my path (i.g. anything - though I would very much like to first learn a reason for why in fact it should effect my path)) I have no need of learning anything outside of protection.

Were I to become proficient at anything specifically, that is my aim.
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