Dreams (2)

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Dreams (2)
Post # 1

I've had another weird dream (one I've had once before though). In my dream, I'm always told not to cry. But when I'm 7 yrs old, I cry. My mum hits me, and tells me not to cry. Then when I'm 19 yrs old, I cry, yet again. But this time, my tears cause a storm... I wonder if it means anything...

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Re: Dreams (2)
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Dreams (2)
Post # 3
Alright, I love dream interpretation, so I'll take on the challenge. Dreams are most accurately interpreted by the dreamer them-self, since certain symbols will have personal associations to the dreamer, but a common theme can be reached usually.

If this is a repetitive dream, your subconscious is desperately trying to tell you something, but you aren't getting the message. Due to the nature of the dream, however, it could relate to trauma.

What I get from this dream is you're having issues internally. When you wanted to express your emotions as you grew, you were punished for it and told not to be expressive. As an adult, you are now free to express your emotions, but crying causes a storm - this is because due to your upbringing, you can't express your emotions safely or clearly. You tend to bottle things inside for fear of how others will react, but when you do show emotion, it is a storm.

Even if you had a positive upbringing, you may have had to mature quickly or had other pressures forced onto you. Were you the oldest sibling or an only child? Did anything traumatic happen in your childhood, like family death, that spurred rapid maturity? I'm not asking these questions for answers, but so you can ask yourself these. Your inner child needs to know there is a time and place in which she can safely express herself.

The mother in this dream may not even represent your actual mother. If you had a pretty good relationship with her and she never repressed your emotions, it's possible she represents another powerful, parental figure in your life, someone you would look to for comfort.

I hope this helped at all. :)
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Re: Dreams (2)
Post # 4

Ok.Thanks for your offer.

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