my niece is gifted

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my niece is gifted
Post # 1
It was relatively apparent when I was little that I was different, but my parents tried to stifle it, as they turned away to my family history and are very Catholic. I'm 21 and have been on the path to understanding my family's history, practices, and abilities, basically understanding to explain and fine tune who I am, and while I'm trying to learn to figure it out myself, my five year old niece is starting to display a lot of the signs/behaviors I did when it came to these things, and her mother, my cousin, is asking me how to help her figure these things out so that she doesn't grow up stifled like I did. Problem is, I'm still trying to learn and grow and figure it all out myself. Any ideas/tips for raising a special child?
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Re: my niece is gifted
Post # 2
Keep as open of a mind as you can and encourage her to seek things out. Be there for her when she needs guidance or protection. Experiment and try new things so you can learn and teach them to her. And since you have the gift too, follow you intuition.
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Re: my niece is gifted
Post # 3
She lives in Florida, where I'm in Illinois, and a part of me almost feels bad that I can't be there for us to figure it out together. Her mother keeps looking to me when she starts doing new things, and I wish I could be more help.

We have a lot of similar things with our growing up. I can pick up when there are spirits around, usually their intent, and their age and gender. We'll be out, and when I feel something/someone, she starts talking to what most would consider an imaginary friend... only they match up EXACTLY to what I pick up when I ask her about who she's talking to, and way before I say anything.

Another thing that has actually scared her father (that's exactly me growing up, and still is), is that if she gets extremely mad or upset or stressed, lightbulbs around her tend to burn out, electronics fail, and things go missing. I grew to be able to control it. I, for a lack of better wording, "grew into it," but she's a lot more moody than I was, and we don't want it to cause issues...
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