Demons changing reality?

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Demons changing reality?
Post # 1
I had a post about demons recently, but I figured I might get more attention if I started a new thread on the topic.
My question is how can demons affect reality? There are stories of demons bringing loved ones back to life, undoing a mistake you made in the past or having powers and knowledge beyond any other humans on the planet, in exchange for there soul. I should also say that I don't want anything to do demons, but I really want to know what they can do (I don't really want to meet any demons in my life, but hek it doesn't to be perpared).
THere are certain things that are said to be immposible with magic, shapeshifting, physical travel and superpowers. But if humans can't do them, can demons? Can demons give humans these powers that normal magic can't? I know some of this was answered in the previous thread I did, but I would like to know more.
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Re: Demons changing reality?
Post # 2
Well, Demons, mostly are astral/Etheric. Anything on the Etheric/Astral plane can do whatever, where the physical plane is much different. Demons can't really 'give' these powers to humans, but, some demonic otherkin do say that they can do some small abilities (Such as etheric/astral project easier, read auras, sense lies, and even speak/write a demonic 'language'; though it is unconfirmed.).

Yes, some incubi and succubi do occasionally incarnate or possess a person, but even then they cannot do much as they are what they are; spirits.

Also, the modern idea of a 'demon' is much due to christian scripture and catholic propaganda. A lot of what you see about them having large horns, red skin, giant wings and tails, is right false! Some spirits, of course, may fit this stereotype, but it will never be true for all 'demons'. Malicious spirits can influence spells and energy workings, as some spirits will 'feed' off of energy and 'drain' a person, but they cannot do physical harm.
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Re: Demons changing reality?
Post # 3
Thanks a lot, I appreciate it
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