Was this AP?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Was this AP?

Was this AP?
Post # 1
I had a dream, and I'm not sure if I merely dreamt about astral projecting or actually achieved it!

So, in the dream, I was in this room and I was listening to a pop song, a really good one. I started dancing and my vision got blurry. I was just so happy to be jamming out to this song. My movements got stiffer as it went on (like when you're trying to run in a dream, but you end up being slow). I ended up sitting against a wall on the floor.

This is the weird part: My vision and hearing both became distorted. I started hearing the 'whoosh' noises I hear when trying to astral project. I kept seeing flashes of the room in a different light. I could feel the vibrations stronger than ever, and I thought to myself, "Oh my god, I'm separating from my body," then a second later I slid forward and out.

Of course, I was panicked, so I went back into my dream body a second later and pretty much woke up instantly.

It felt so real, but I was only dreaming. I can't tell if I was dreaming about astral projection or actually doing it. I've heard a theory that when you dream, you astral project, so in this case I merely dreamt of doing it. I personally don't believe that theory, but it's still possible it was just a dream.

I think maybe the dream was telling me music is what I need to successfully project, since I've been failing in my past attempts. I've been trying to figure out what the missing part is; maybe it's music? It makes sense to me, it would totally accelerate my vibrations.
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Re: Was this AP?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I don't believe that every dream is an astral projection, nor that every astral projection or out-of-body experience is just a sort of dream, but I do believe that they can overlap sometimes. It sounds like that's what happened here.

The only way to know if your subconscious was telling you that music was the key, is to try it.
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Re: Was this AP?
Post # 3
It could have been. The reason you went back to your physical body is that you were panicking and fear makes you snap out of the projection. So yes you might have successfully AP
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Re: Was this AP?
Post # 4
Thank you both! I will have to try it, then.
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Re: Was this AP?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

It would make sense that music helps because it is rhythmic and constantly moving - something you probably weren't doing before when you were stuck (it's a common block for newbies to "wait" for something to happen, yet not know what that experience should be. It's stifling).

Try again when you're awake and make it feel just as natural as it did in the dream. If you are successful that way, then it means that either your dream taught you to AP or that you were successful in your dream.

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