Hi, I have some questions

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Hi, I have some questions
Post # 1
Okay so I just joined this site, and it seems pretty cool. I was wondering, is this stuff all just role play or is it for real. If it is for real then this is awesome, although I still am skeptical about the realness of it. I'm going to do some of these spells to see if they work. I'll have to do some small ones because, let's be honest. If my parents see me doing some ritual they'll think I'm crazy.
P.S. I don't think they are crazy so no offense to anyone.
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Re: Hi, I have some questions
By: / Novice
Post # 2

No role playing is allowed on this site, it is all real.

Despite this I would still watch out for fake spells on the site if you plan to use any from here.

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Re: Hi, I have some questions
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
And I wouldn't suggest trying spells unless you learn the basics of magic and how to use or you may end up having things backfire on you or you may never get any results.
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Re: Hi, I have some questions
Post # 4
From personal experience yes spells do work, but to be inexperienced there is less chances of it working.

My few spells I tried did not work. Why? Because I was still a beginner and didn't know the necessary things to do a spell. I didn't have the knowledge or experience.

If you're going to judge for the first try then that is up to you.

If you're serious about magick then I have much faith that you will learn and grow and have spells work for you and much more.

If you're going to try a spell I'd stay away from the fantasy section. The spells on there were made for fun.

Much love and luck come your way, GPG8989
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