Spell put on me to break

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Spell put on me to break
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So please understand, I'm a novice at this to a degree. I'm intuitive which means I feel intent and situations, try to learn to read and spells. I need some help and not sure what I need. I looked at spells before, work with a powerful psychic n witch. He's helped me read a lot of these situations and I understand them bc out psychic connection is so strong. He's not week and unable to help. I need help. I know that there was a spell cast on me and my souls mate2. I know that it was to break us up, by a woman in a Jew occult. I new she was evil. He validated. He shattered n weaker the spell but it still lingers. I had a vision and told the guy I was dating about, vision from a friend who passed and he misconstrued it to say I was jealous of her. He just broke up with me and I beyond myself. Idk how something that shld have brought him comfort could have did this. She took our picture when we first met and manipulate things well. I could see it, kept our pics. I'm sure this is, was a spell. I'm asking u to have some empathy for me... Can anybody help with a white magic, love spell, or spell before she met me??? It was about 2.5 months I met her about 6 weeks ago this drama started and he became increasingly cold... We were long did dating and mean, cold misconstrued everything in the last week. Accusational over things that didn't happen. If u can genuinely help pls. I don't have a lot of money so I can't pay much .... I don't know what to do
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