meanings on dreams

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meanings on dreams
Post # 1
if you guys are having dreams on things that you dont understand please mail me or reply on this thread and i will get back to yuo asap
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Re: meanings on dreams
Post # 2
Hi ,m snow (hninei)...
I wanna ask about dream...
I dreamed that I m werewolf( LOL...I ,know that it was crazy)
M running with other wolf ...we r like wolf from...
I dreamed like that three times ...
We r running in the forest...and dark...we don't see each other
But I know that they r wolf and I can feel like my Fri...
It is strange? Or dream?...
Pls reply me if u have free time :-)my account is hninei(spell of magic)...bye:-)
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Re: meanings on dreams
Post # 3
Sign of difficulties, But it matters on time.
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Re: meanings on dreams
Post # 4
Phinicus here. Bit of personal history - raised with a connection to a named religion, but hold a conglomerate of beliefs formed from a recognition of beauty and possibility - which, when compiled, are unnamed as a system of belief.

About five years ago I had the same dream between 3 and 5 times, but I have never fully understood it. I was standing in a room, facing a window which stood floor to ceiling. In between myself and the window stood a man. The fact that I can't see him perfectly anymore bothers me, but I can't see his clothes or his face anymore. I only know that he wasn't dressed in any sort of extravagant fashion. I do remember that there was nothing particularly that should have pointed out the fact of who exactly he was, but in my dream I knew that his name was Michael. I'm not going to paraphrase what was said, but I had the dream shortly before I deployed, and what he spoke about was in regards to the death of the one that I love most. This hasn't happened, and it has now been five years, but this has been something that I have thought of off and on since. The craziest thing about the dream was that I was equally.. not terrified, but whatever one might feel that could express the same feeling without the implication that fear was in any way involved.. so, equally XXXX by his presence as I was saddened by the fact that I was hearing that my love was in danger. Aside from being very confusing, to have been graced with the presence of one such as him was both an honor, and (this time in the literal sense of the word) terrifying.
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Re: meanings on dreams
Post # 5
Hi I had a dream that two women both announced that they were pregnant..can you tell me what does that mean..also the representation of two blue jays

Thank you
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Re: meanings on dreams
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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