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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Problems...

Post # 1
I have some serious problems about astral projection and I need huge help.

!) I can not seperate. I seperate only my half upper body and my legs are stuck. It has to do with root chakra. My root chakra is unactive and the most unactive of all. It has happen to me three times.
How can I avoid this and seperate my whole body???

2) I get vibrations only by negative thoughts. Once, some time ago I thought there was a demon inside the room and was trying to kill me. Then I get vibrations and then I can try to seperate. Last time also I thought something was attacking me and then I got vibrations.
By this way I project to the lower astral realms and how else can I get vibration??

3) When I try to exit I increase vibrations. I don't do any technique I just try to seperate by my own, but maybe this isn't much effective??

4) I can't open my eyes. Even if I seperate my upper-half body I still can't open them. I am trying too hard to do that. I accidentally openned my physical eyes twice. This time I wasn't trying to do that but I couldn't also open my astral ones. Today at some time, with no reason while my upper-body was seperated, I saw something like a mirror on front of me and I was seing my face, what was that??

Also at some moment I saw the door of my room more open than normal and it was like something was waiting for me outside of the door. That time I saw I was seing with my physical body. The weird was that outside of the door there was light and some light was in the room too. In actuallity there was no light at all and the door was much more close! When I saw with my physical body I saw that there was no light and such so I thought I saw it with my astral eyes.
Is this a hallicunation or astral view???

And how can I open my astral eyes???!!??
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Re: Problems...
By: / Novice
Post # 2
1.) Shift your focus to the parts that can separate. You don't actually need your legs or feet. You can float. The feeling of leglessness can be strange, but not permanently harmful.

2.) Face your fears and you will find that they can't actually do anything to you. These are usually thoughtforms from your aura rather than entities in their own right. After you face them, they'll disappear, and then the developments from those thoughtforms will attend to you as far more helpful.

3.) Become aware of your face, then the air in front of your face, then the air in front of that layer of air. Sometimes, imagining a magnetic pull, or a rope, or even a yo-yo toy bouncing towards your nose and then pulling back up to the ceiling...that will be suggestive enough to lure you out.

4.) Just like you don't need your legs, in question 1, you also don't need your eyes. Vision works differently in the otherworld, and it can be different for each person. At first, I thought I was doing it wrong when I couldn't see all eight corners of the room at the same time. But my idea of vision is very locked into a tunnel mode, like when I'm awake. Perhaps your vision has the ability to mirror. Find out your personal style and become comfortable with it.

I hope this helps!
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Re: Problems...
Post # 3
You should control your vibrations, Get into deeper relaxation, dive into the darkness and avoid any tingling sensation or light patterns they're the syntoms of progress in deeper relaxation, and slowly get into more deeper and after you'll find yourself in a hypnotic stage, Vibrations in your body. Try to control them, Lower to higher and higher to lower, stopping and starting. It only needs your will power to control it, Try flow them manually by you not automatically through your mind to legs, lowering frequency and gaining. After mastering in controlling vibrations follow rope techniques. Imagine the rope?imagine a long rope hanging above the head.Visualize reaching up to the rope (keep physical body and eyes still). Having held onto the rope, move your arm back into the physical body, slow the vibration and end the session Rise and repeat, after resting awhile repeat step presented above but, this time, grab hold of the rope with both hand and, moving one hand above the other, pull the whole astral body out of the physical body. Good Luck Blessed be Lightning :)
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Re: Problems...
Post # 4
Another thing is beginner practitioner should practice astral projection in the morning, when they're succeed, then to make themselves sure that they can do it further whenever they wish, As often people get frustrates because of failures.
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Re: Problems...
Post # 5
Thank you everyone for answering. :) Your answers helped a lot. Astaroth I can't go into deeper and deeper state of relaxation. My body is already completely "locked" and then all things happen. I don't feel my body at all, neither I feel the blanket over me, nothing. And I know if I try to move I will go deeper and I do that. I try to move vibrations. The last time I tried to move them down-wards but I felt an intense tingling at my third chakra, does anyone knows what that means??? Rope technique just doesn't fit to me for some reason at all, but thanks for help :)
Yes I find it much easier practising after 4-6 hours of sleep.

Astral guides..correct I could ask them to help me especially in my first because probably I'll be a bit confused...
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Re: Problems...
Post # 6
It is sign of success that you're on track during projection practice it is common that body becomes completely numb. Use your will power and first control vibrations.
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Re: Problems...
Post # 7
But I read I should let them flow and then use an exit technique.
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Re: Problems...
Post # 8
I can't move at all.
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