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Post # 1
I've always been very independent when it comes to learning. I was homeschooled and since my mother was too ill to play the role of teacher, I am mostly self-educated. So far it's been the same with my magical education. However I see many people with mentors and it makes me curious about having my own.

Where does one find a mentor? If you have a mentor, how did you find them? Do you think having a mentor was the best decision for you?
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Re: Mentors?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well most mentors don't teach online, so there's a start, haha. I had a mentor for a brief time, which I met at my local library. She was kind but I eventually decided to become a mostly solitary witch.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Mentors?
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I had a mentor of sorts .he turned out to be a coven leader ..and he found me he said he had a vion that told him to be there and meet me and invite me to his coven .he got me started on the basics and died a year later
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Re: Mentors?
Post # 4
My mailbox is always open, and im always happy to help.
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Re: Mentors?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 5
Difficult subject, trying to find a Mentor/Teacher. In fact I would advise to shun anyone who says "I will teach you". Because teaching is a very gradual process,over many years.
I was being taught witchcraft from a very early age (6) but I was not aware of it.It seemed that I was being taught about Nature, animal behaviour, and stories of the old Gods. I didn't even know my teacher was a witch until I was 17!
I think it is very difficult to find a teacher. I think the teacher finds you!
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Re: Mentors?
Post # 6
I agree they find you. It's good to go searching. Mine was in my life for five years before she started teaching me. I have educated myself and read as much reliable material I can get my hands on. If you read a few articles on this website it will make more sense about reliable. Anyone can write a book. I could write a book but I have no where near the knowledge to be able to write accurately or correctly. Just like any other subject find respected accurate sources. Trust your instincts when it comes to a mentor.
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Re: Mentors?
Post # 7
It is true it is very,very hard to find a mentor
My Grandmother was a witch,She had my Dad very late in life and my dad had me very late in life so she passed when I was 12 if she were alive today shed be pushing 120 years of age..She taught me about the eye and was the first to tell me that our family share a gift for sensing death..I got the Gift,I can smell months in advance when someone is close to death .She passed years later I had a roommate who practiced Hoodoo.By the time he opened up and starting to teaching me I moved on into my own place. My current girlfriend is a born and raised Santaria but she quit the religion long ago,she teaches and helps me with piinters but I'm mostly self taught.
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