What am I doing?

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> What am I doing?

What am I doing?
Post # 1
Alrighty, so... My meditations seem to have taken quite a turn. I went from imagining myself on a beautiful beach to going into a trance-like state and meeting all sorts of creatures and individuals along the way. I've seen my primary Goddess, Aphrodite, as well as a few other goddesses/animals who are very important to me. I was also approached by a demon who said he wanted to assist me with my divination. I later learned through searching the internet that it was the demon Amon, so I definitely wasn't just imagining things. (For the record, I rejected Amon's help. A bit too dark of a character for me.)

I don't really know what I'm doing. After I come out of these trance meditation things I have trouble walking, my vision is blurry, I get dizzy. What is this? It's very strange and very new to me... I don't think it's Astral Projection, but then again I know nothing about it. Please, just someone tell me what this is!
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Re: What am I doing?
Post # 2
It definitely sounds like astral projection, but then again I'm not an expert on the topic. I suggest consulting somebody that has experience in astral projection. It is normal to feel dizzy after leaving the astral plain. If there has been any negative energy or unbalance that normally would not be in you life that may be what is attracting the demonic entity to you, of course demons are known for deceit so be wary if you encounter the demon again.
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Re: What am I doing?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Our brains operate at different levels of herz depending on what brainwave state we are in. Our waking consciousness that requires fine motor function and concentration is the Beta brainwave state. The state directly below that is Alpha (creativity, relaxation, light meditation), then Theta (while asleep it is our dream state, while awake, it is our trance state), and finally coming to Delta (dreamless sleep - nothing else goes on as it is the lowest herz).

We cycle through these brainwave states everyday, so when you're coming out of trance, you're merely experiencing what it is like to wake up, except you're already awake and able to recognize the process - thing is, if you're changing brainwave states really fast, it can be a bit disorienting as you're experiencing it all at a faster rate than you normally would. To circumvent disorientation, I would suggest taking a bit more time to come out of your trance before you go about other business.

Since you don't have the feeling that it is astral projection, what you are experiencing could be what is called Journeying. It is purely a mental interaction, though it can be similar to astral projection in that you are still having spiritual experiences. The only real difference is where your consciousness is - in your head rather than shifting awareness to the astral plane or detaching your awareness from the physical plane (depending on your belief of how projection works).

Journeying can also include a form of partial projection, but more to an underworld type setting in Shamanistic practices. The context of the underworld changes from person to person and path to path, but a general consensus can be that it is more like the core spiritual world of our Earth (rather than only being a residence of the dead in various cultures). The context of the Underworld I am using here is what is called the Lower Realm (whereas we live in the Middle Realm and the astral plane is what is called the Higher Realm. The difference between the Lower and Higher Realms is that the Lower is more connected to the Earth, whereas the Higher Realm is more cosmic).

I cannot say for sure that this was your experience, as you are the only one who will be able to determine that, though from an outside perspective, it does look like an instance of Journeying.

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Re: What am I doing?
Post # 4
@ Eissy

I think you're right actually. That all makes perfect sense to me. It didn't feel like astral projection because I once left my body when being attacked by a spirit in the night (quite an experience - a story for another time!). I assume that's what astral projection would feel like, and this feels nothing like that.

I'm definitely going to look into journeying. It seems like that's exactly what I'm doing. Thank you so much!
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Re: What am I doing?
Post # 5
It seems that you were connecting with your higher self and soul to receive guidance and answers from within, and you got quite fearful not understanding, next time ask questions and don't fear the process, this is why you are having the trouble with walking, blurry vision, dizziness. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

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Re: What am I doing?
Post # 6

Just a suggestion, but what really help me was two items:

1. a 5 minute and a 30-minute hour glass, meaning a real hour glass big enough for you to sort of mesmerizes yourself within. Start with 5 minute one, it helped me to learn control over losing myself in time and work your way up to the 30 minute one try to do every day if possible. Done in daylight so that you learn to lose time and lose track of where you physically are, your surroundings

2. Sort of funny, but worked wonders for me ametronome, set to 3 beats per second, I would enable it when I would go to sleep. I have a digital one on my Kindle and Phone, this really did the trick with focus on learning to let go of the physical world in darkness. Do at night in absolute darkness, helps with learning to lose yourself in the sound and vibration of the frequency. Helps to train brainwaves which are vital to astral projection.

I too have seen my Goddess: Alyssa (Goddess of Rage) in some of my meditations, however I usally perform a protection spell before I try to venture too far, but the two methods above might help you with focus and distraction from other entities.

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