Automatic Writting!

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Automatic Writting!
Post # 1
I've been researching automatic writting for the past few days and I was wandering if anyone knows a chant to cost upon myself to block negative energy and spirits. And how to call in desired angles or spirit animal
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Re: Automatic Writting!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
In my experience with automatic writing, it isn't completely automatic. Words are just the best way to record the journey that your mind takes. Your body is already blocking a lot, because negative spirits can't make you write something. They can send you messages that you can then write down, and maybe they'll be scary of threatening, but they will only be words. Sometimes that's even ideal, because paying attention to the negativity can make it go away (like the demon Mara in Buddhist mythology. All you have to do is notice Mara and then Mara goes away.)

Drawing a chalk circle or putting a crystal grid around your writing space can help. The thing is to simply set your intention. If you don't want to pay attention to your Jungian Shadow, that might still butt in because that's its nature. But if you set out with the intention (and something like confidence) to communicate with benevolent spirits, then usually those benevolent beings do sense that and start to pay attention.
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Re: Automatic Writting!
Post # 3
But I want to talk to only my guardian angle and spirit guides
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Re: Automatic Writting!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
You can do that once you figure out who your angels and guides are. Then you know what their "voice" or their "style" is like.

Until then, there remains the possibility that you can encounter beings that pretend to be benevolent but aren't, or seem malevolent but are there for a good reason.

As I said: you can mark a circle, decide that your space is safe, pray a bit, otherwise begin with a set intention.

It's like saying, "I won't date anyone that I'm not going to marry." But you usually find out if you're going to marry them by dating. Sometimes you date a heartbreaker instead of a spouse. That can happen. Some people marry their friend since childhood, just like some people just know who their guardian angel is their whole life. That's great, but it's rare.

If you're a beginner at channelling messages, it's not unusual that you'll get some junk first.
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