Need Tarot Card help

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Need Tarot Card help

Need Tarot Card help
Post # 1
I've been wanting to do Tarot Cards for a while, and finally the other day I got my first deck. Crystal Visions by Jennifer Galasso. I've been doing the Celtic Cross spread but I just had a few questions. If you're doing a reading for yourself, do you read the cards as they are facing you? Or as if you were giving a reading to someone else so the opposite position. And the crossing card the card that further explains the situation, how can I tell if it's in reverse or not? Do I turn it clockwise or counter clock wise? Is their a special way of telling? Sorry if these questions are silly, I'm really new to this and I want to be able to learn and do accurate readings. Plus the booklet doesn't give too much information on each card, is their a place I can learn more about each tarot card so I can learn more of the meaning behind them?
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Re: Need Tarot Card help
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Personally I do all readings for myself so the cards are facing towards me, it is simply easier that way. And I would recommend that as a beginner that you don't bother with reverse cards, simply stick to the regular method of reading and add other things later.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Need Tarot Card help
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Ooh one more thing to add (sorry I didn't put them together)

There is nothing wrong with asking questions, you are willing to learn, which makes it so much easier to effectively take in information.

if you are using a full deck of tarot, rather than a royal deck, then if you go online there will be large descriptions of the meanings behind each card, if you can find a good set of descriptions you can use them regularly.

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Re: Need Tarot Card help
Post # 4
You can Learn more by practicing
Get a few books and study,practice
See what each card means to you
As well as when reversed, see how they all connect
Try to make them tell a story
Each card seems seperate and unrelated sometimes but see how they connect into a flow..Tarot seems hard but over time it's simple and smooth..This should be a begging practice for all. Newbies tarot readings can help you along the path in several ways.
They are also good for meditation.
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