Signs Of Shifting?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Signs Of Shifting?

Signs Of Shifting?
Post # 1
Hi, It's me again. So I haven't been feeling myself as of lately. I've been feeling numb. I've been waking up with cuts and bruises that I don't remember having. And ,in general, I've just been feeling strange... Every once in a while there's a really sharp pain in one of my arms or legs. Sometimes I just flip out for no reason whatsoever. On the full moon, my senses seem to heighten and my abilities seem to spike. Does anyone know what might be happening to me?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sicenrely, Techn0Flare
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Re: Signs Of Shifting?
Post # 2
Maybe there is a evil spirit or a demon in your house
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Re: Signs Of Shifting?
By: / Novice
Post # 3

Or maybe you are just hoping for a mangickal answer.

You are not shifting. With a forum title such as this it is clear that it is what you believe is happening, it is a common phenomena that when you want something to happen you often feel the side effects without any of them actually occuring.

The cuts and bruises can easily be gained by simply moving in your sleep, knocking into things, catching on things. The full moon is a powerful time for anyone interested and practicing the craft, it is probably a mix of this and your desire for something more supernatural to occur at this time. If you have severe emotianal changes or severe pain in arms and legs I would say it is best to go to a dorctor and get checked out, just to be safe.

I hope this helps somewhat, even if it is not what you were after.

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Re: Signs Of Shifting?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
It sounds to me like you're having a case of adolescence.

Everybody gets a little bit stranger during the full moon. If you're Otherkin and/or psychically sensitive and/or a teenager in a civilization structured to be particularly frustrating to teenagers, that strangeness can be doubly or triply awful.

As for emotional numbness and spontaneous injuries/pain and emotional instability, there are a number of specialists for that depending on what you believe in. Psychotherapy? Exorcism? It might even be something as mundane as epilepsy or neuralgia.

But if you want us to tell you that you're a werewolf (or a good writer of creepypasta) and to burn some ancestral wolfskin to break the curse, then you'll be disappointed.
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