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holloween watching
Post # 1
Hello all, I have come here to post about something very unnerving to me. During Halloween night I went out with my sister to chaperone her trick or treating. During our walk to the street we wanted to hit first she asked me if I as superstitious. I explained to her how Halloween was one of the very few days in the year which I am on edge because of the strength of magic power on the night. I was about to continue further until I stopped myself when I felt a couple pairs of eyes start watching me. I casually looked around to see no one around, no one or thing at all. When I looked ahead I still felt their penetrating glares. While I went with my sister I still felt them but faintly. The worst part was when I was in my room. I was on my computer when I felt a lot more pairs of eyes looking at me. I looked behind me at my curtains to see my room had become darker somehow. I thanked myself softly for placing a protection spell over my house. I felt these glares for hours until it finally passed midnight into today. But I still wonder what could those stares be? Thank you for your input on this matter
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Re: holloween watching
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Could be your imagination since you are on edge waiting for something to happen. Could of been someone on the street was stairing at you and you convinced yourself it's a spirit following you.

Since it was Samhain, the veil between our realm and the spirits was at it's thinnest point so those who do believe in spirits say whenever you feel something on Samhain it is a spirit. It will most likely fade away over the next few days as the veil grows thicker, but it probably wasn't an evil spirit, perhaps a departed loved one, or dead pet. Might of been a lonely spirit that followed you.
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Re: holloween watching
Post # 3
True, during Halloween people tend to act differently. For instance, I'm normally a very calm, simple person, but during halloween I tend to act a little more wicked and more deceiving. Could just be the spirits of the holidays, but still.
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Re: holloween watching
Post # 4
but also during halloween*
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Re: holloween watching
Post # 5
Regardless, I felt extremely watched that night. By many eyes possibly good, and evil
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