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I am new here
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Hello everyone, I am very new here been wating to learn magic ever since I was a little child, but when I was growing up I was always told '' Magic is not real. God will punish you for trying that sinful way of life. Only magic in the world is card tricks!''. So I always had doubt In my heart mind and soul, feeling as if maybe they are right...then I made a friend online a few months back and they said most people would call her a witch. I was confused and asked why, thats when she told me that she was into witchcraftmagic. At first I my memory hit me saying that shes messing with me...but before I said anything I felt in my heart she was serious and said you beleive in that? She responded saying she did and said I probably thought she was joking but I told her I did beleive her and I always did belive in it . I aksed if she could teach me but sadly I live was to far away so I did some google searching and found this site. I tried some basic spells but nothing I assumed I had to much doubt in me to do it or just not skilled to do so. Then i made this account to maybe get some advice. And I beleive that there is no good or bad path of magic, it depends on how you use it. I started looking up magic on my Wii U since my computer wont work (still am as i posted this). But yeah any help and or advice to help me get started would be wonderful. My main dream as a child as dumb as this will ive always wanted to make my lego figures come to life and build amazing things for them to live in. And to be able to fix any broken object I have. Im 26 if you are wondering, and id prefer to learn alone in my room not with tons of other not good with people in person.
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