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Post # 1
Is joining a covern a good thing or bad thing?
How do you make your own covern also?

Bless It Be
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Re: covern
By: / Novice
Post # 2

In or out of Spells of Magick?

Joining a covern is a very personal thing, some people like myself prefer solitary practice, while others thrive in a coven. It can take time to find the coven that is right for you and you may bounce around till you find one that feels like "home", you may even find that a coven is not for you. There is no good or bad (black or white) answer to this one.

Currently on this site you cannot make any new covens, but if you could you have to really think about it. It takes a lot of dedication and if you don't know the path you want to take it in from the offset, or whether you will be able to keep it active it is best if you joing a current coven before even thinking of making one yourself.

In the real world covens are ofted restricted, only taking in members over the age of 18, 21 or even 25 depending on the laws in your area, but the same applies as above, making a coven takes knowledge, years of experience and dedication to keeping it alive, or there is no point in making your own in stead of joining another.

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Re: covern
Post # 3
Thank you for this, im new to spell casting.
Ive done a few spells and they are good going.

Ive found though spells for myself go bad on me :( so maybe joining a covern might help me find myself again, ive dark around me but only do white magic, i need help getting the light back into my life again.
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Re: covern
By: / Novice
Post # 4

There is no white or black magick, it is simply magick with either positive or negative impacts and possibly, but I would say to get to know the craft first, learn what you enjoy and don't enjoy doing before you get into a coven it will make the decision process easier.

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