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power increase
Post # 1
Hi, I haven't posted or discussed anything here for quite some time, because I usually like to let the universe and my own intuition guide me. But lately, some strange things have been occurring. 1. I've noticed an increase in telepathic abilities. Last Saturday morning, while meditating, I focused on having alone time with a lady I'm attracted to, and it happened almost exactly like I imagined. This lady is a practioner as well. When she invited me to have a drink, she didn't ask. She said, "I thought you were gonna have a drink with me tonight." 2. Tuesday evening, I was at work alone. When I stepped towards a swinging door, it moved away from me. When I stepped back, in eased back into place. 3. Last night, I knocked a plastic BIC ink pen off a shelf at work, and it bounced up into my left hand as if it were made of rubber. Since these things began, I've been dog tired, and my theory is that I'm putting out more energy than I can spare, or control. Has this happened to anyone here? If so, how do I control it and hone it?
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Re: power increase
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I find that grey hematite works in a lot of those cases, or just grounding in general. There might be some nodes or blockages in your other body, but I wouldn't worry about that yet. Sometimes things get super weird and then they go away as everything just suddenly decides to settle down. If you can set up reliable and consistent demonstrations at this time, though, good for you!
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Re: power increase
Post # 3
I'd like to set up a demonstration. But it happens at random. I can't do it at will yet. I most definitely don't want it to settle down. It's rather encouraging to know I'm growing.
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Re: power increase
Post # 4
I love the coincidences that are that in your face they have got to be more than just that had lots in the past love them
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