Black Salt?

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Black Salt?
Post # 1
So long story short their has been a bunch of activity from spirits an energys in my house past month. Last night we had a paranormal investigators group come to our house cause we want to know wht the spirits wanted an why they are their all of them are harmless except on that is a really strong negative energy.No we did not pay them anything they were legit. I meet on of the member that was with the group, she saw my amulet an tld she was studing wicca to. She gave me a jar of what she called Black Salt an said that it obsorbs negative energy am that i would have to pour it outside after so long but she didnt tell me what to do wit.Do i jus set it somewhere an how do i know when it needs to be poured out. Do i sprinkle it through house like i do for regular salt for protection like the door ways and windows.
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Re: Black Salt?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
It depends. You could sprinkle it around the house, or leave a small bowl out in each room to absorb anything negative. If you use it in a spell it should specify.

If you are planing to get rid of the negative spirit, you can use the salt. You could sprinkle it around, or mix the salt with water and sprinkle/spray the water instead. Be sure to visualize and charge energy beforehand, and specify you want all 'negative spirits gone' this should prevent the harmless ones from being expelled [at least it works for me] then cast a protection spell to keep it out.
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Re: Black Salt?
Post # 3
Ok thank you for the help I use regular salt for protection alot but had never heard of black salt.
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Re: Black Salt?
Post # 4
You should also Try Red brick dust.
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