false Spell help seekers

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false Spell help seekers
Post # 1
A friend just told me of her experience in the hands of a migrant who deceived her into thinking that he needed some special healing which needed physical contact and some herbalism .. in a quest to make a better world (as she called it) she opted to assisting this migrant.. she initially advised that she flies into his country but he insisted that he will fly in instead.. she obliged and eventually she sent him an invitation and wrote the finnish consulate in his country saying that the man is visiting for a special healing session and herbalism.. the embassy granted temporary stay visas and she was at the airport to receive him and do paper work as he was visiting from africa and he was a first time traveller.. little did she know that the man had a hiding agenda.. after the paper work was concluded, the man simply excused himself to use the toilet and has absconded for over 90 days now.. he didnt even stay to register at the police on arrival as he is supposed to do..
the man has to return back to his country as he has stayed 90 days, but he cant be found.. the authorities are asking her to provide him.. she cant..

the lesson i think here is ...we can not say it is not a great thing to use our crafts, knowledge and expertise to offer help to the needy, but if anyone needs help especially healings... i think absent healings are the best things to use.. do not allow anyone to visit you if you have not previously met the person in question...

This person has simply used my friend to get into europe illegally. now she has a questionable profile...

we all have a duty to our countries and we are expected to be loyal citizens :) thank you..
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Re: false Spell help seekers
Post # 2
There's a rule to life and that is you can only help you're self no one else can do it for you.
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