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Forums -> Misc Topics -> finding out element help

finding out element help
Post # 1
How do I find out what my element is??? How do I use this knowledge??? Can I have more than one element??? What does this mean to me about being a witch???
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Re: finding out element help
Post # 2
What I've read is, your personality is made up of different qualities that correspond to different elements, and most usually have one that is dominant. The aim is to try and make sure you have a balance of all elemental qualities, including akasha or spirit, the fifth.
Depending on your path, it will mean different things, but you use the knowledge to develop yourself as a full, whole, rounded person grounded in all the corners of reality, so that your will is more focused and therefore you can work stronger magic.

Plus your question marks are really annoying, you look way frantic. I know you're probably just letting us know your emotion, but it's good to calm down, slow down and ground yourself a bit, also for focus and strength.
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Re: finding out element help
Post # 3
I used the question marks as a way to let you guys know that I was serious. While I may be a bit desperate, I am not frantic.
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Re: finding out element help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Generally the best way to make one's self appear serious is to utilize proper grammar. Extra punctuation denotes a sort of urgency, at best.


As I've said elsewhere, what "your element" is really doesn't much matter. Some determine this via astrology. Some view it as whatever element you most feel suits your personality. Some use any number of a have dozen other methods to sort such things out. The bottom line though is that the elements are the archaic method for sorting out the physical world into its root characteristics.

In modern science we have the periodic table of elements. These elements are the materials that form the basic building blocks of all other matter.

In ages past, the elements were used to define matter in much the same way. It has since evolved to define the spiritual/magical characteristics of substance and form of the physical world. You are composed of all of the elements in this sense, and no particular one element defines you or is defined by you. That being said, you may find yourself (for whatever reason), working better with a particular element, understanding the nature of a particular element, or otherwise feeling more attuned to a particular element. This provides you with a place to start understanding the core spiritual composition of the spiritual aspects of the physical, and a jumping paint to better understand the other three.

Do note, however, that the utilization of such knowledge is purely wrought in the spiritual. This doesn't exactly translate into fantasy inspired control over the physical forms of these elements.

As for what it has to do with you being a witch? Not much.
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Re: finding out element help
Post # 5
My friend told me that i Was burned at the stake ,i have much respect of fire,i believe that is My element
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