Help with Procrastination

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Help with Procrastination
Post # 1
I need major help from all of you my friend here; I am a "BIG Time Procrastinator." I have done meditations, hypnosis, NLP, EFT, just name it? and if and when I was successful it was only temerity, for a day or two, not even joking. I don?t know how, I even manage to bring more stuff to cover my place of living with junk! I am successful with helping others, yes even with procrastinations. But for some unknown reasons I am trapped in this crazy cycle. I love when my place is neat, with less unwanted clutters. I even asked spirits to help, and they have told me it was related to my son not living with me. My son came after many years (10 years of not having him) at age 17, my place was neat, and he would make a mess, when he left, my place (His room) became cluttered) It was like keeping his messy room with his energy as he was still there, when I used to get annoyed. When I realized it, I cleaned it, but it didn?t last for too many days?

Now he?s coming back to leave with me, and I've been trying to clean more like to empty that room with no luck. However I know on a deeper level that this problem started way before my son lived with me, it was when I got divorced and lived by myself, then had my father moved in, which the clutter was getting out of hand. It was like my way of asking my father to move out, because he came as a guest and never left. I don?t want to have him move, unless he wants to, I welcome him to my home, I welcome my son to my life, I just want to stop my procrastination.

I tried to sell the items for cheap but with no luck, I attempted to give a way, also no luck, it?s too much to carry to the donation spots, and I already gave away 10 bags of clothing, and I still have so many that I can?t let go... I don?t even wear them, so no point to having them. I have papers, books, magazines, more clothing, shoes, boxes, that I gave a way and also throw away, and I still have so many left, and when I look at them I can?t make myself get rid of them.
Any rituals, spells, tips, are appreciated. It does affect my life in general and if I can do it, I can help many more others including myself. If I just can let go of this problem, and open that clutter, I?ll be so happy and FREE.

Please help me, write, what should I do?

I have done everything and it?s been all my life except the time that I was a child and when I was married, after my divorce which is over 25 year, I?ve been struggling with this problem, same thing with going to the gym, or waking up early in the morning. Thank you in advance!
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Re: Help with Procrastination
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Help with Procrastination
Post # 3
How do I find it so I can read others posts, and how do i know where to post? Thanks
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