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Gladly a new member
Post # 1
Hello everyone!

I am Sakina, you can call me by my username. I am a female, I am also an adult. I discovered this community a while back and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be involved at first. I mean, I already knew about magick and spiritual realms, but the thought of spells at first made me giggle. At first I thought that it couldn't work, there was no such thing, then I remember what I went through for the last few years and I learned that nothing is impossible when we are talking about the supernatural/occult/faith, however you want to call it. :) I am more of a girl to believe in paganism, I truly believe in the norse gods and the egyptian deities. I identify myself with them more than the other ones, it has to do with my upbringing and how my belief changed throughout my life.

I know things, I have developed my abilities to some extent. I share these with my boyfriend who is a very powerful man, his family is very powerful as well and they all have wonderful gifts. It has been gifted from parents to child, so he is no exception. He showed me his world and I quickly came to believe in everything from spirits to deities.

I have a healing gift that I am still developing at this moment. It's already grown a lot since I first started to use it and I am still looking to grow it some more. I meditate from time to time without troubles, thanks to years of yoga practices. I did my first spell yesterday, a protection spell and I was oh so glad it worked. I wanted a protection token, a necklace in this case and it worked just fine.

I am more looking into white magic, to develop my healing, to protect my own home, banish unwanted spirits (which I have to deal with from time to time) and I would like to look into summoning a familiar and spells like that. Through my early practices, I had the chance to meet my ancestor, since then we've worked together towards expanding the reach of my healing gift (since she has the same one.)

I think I covered pretty much everything about myself, lol. I am very excited to get to meet all of you, to have some very interesting conversation, to learn a lot more about spells, magick etc. Nice to meet you all!
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Re: Gladly a new member
Post # 2
Hi Sakina, Nice meeting you.
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