Anti-Cosmic Satanism

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Anti-Cosmic Satanism
Post # 1
There are several forms of Satanism that exist in the world. One of the lesser known of them is Anti-Cosmic Satanism, often referred to as Chaos-gnostic Satanism or the Current 218. As far as I know this has been around a few decades, but it still not very widely known about, at least not in countries whose primary language is English. There are a few English translations of works involving Chaos-gnostic Satanism, but most that exist are in other languages. There are a few sources from which information can be found, but the reliability of them isn't guaranteed. Due to them being the only English descriptions I have found outside of blog or forum posts on other sites, I have to just assume and hope they are reliable. I will link one of the forum posts at the bottom of this post, but if you wish to find the others you can search "Chaos-gnostic Satanism" and they should be very abundant in your results.

The Temple of the Black Light (TOTBL) is dedicated to the Chaos-gnostic Satanism and its practices.

"The tradition represented by the TOTBL can best be described as the essence of Anti-Cosmic Gnosticism expressed through the sinister forms of traditional Diabolism."

Held within the Temple of the Black Light, which as far as my research has found is the most useful source on this subject, are various formulae for rituals and incense, as well as information about what are referred to as the "11 Fallen Angels." They are represented by an 11-pointed star, which is known as Azerate (the combination of the 11 Fallen Angels).

Rather than explain the details of the beliefs regarding what i have mentioned above, I am going to link the full text of the TOTBL and also the website. The beliefs within Chaos-gnostic Satanism get quite complicated and difficult to explain, but the full text of the TOTBL does an excellent job. I hope this brief introduction helps get the information about this not so well known form of Satanism to anyone who might be interested.

TOTBL full text -->

TOTBL website pdf --> ?

Forum link -->
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Re: Anti-Cosmic Satanism
Post # 2
This is what I like to see.
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