Jumping to conclusion

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Jumping to conclusion
Post # 1
OK so I don't mean this to offend anyone or get myself gagged but I'm just curiouse as to why everyone's saying that things like vampires and warewolfs are fake I mean sure there isn't much proof that their real but as in many movies their are secret governments of things like vamps and werewolfs. I just think everyone's jumping to conclusion and saying their not real because we don't see them everyday and know what they are. As said above I'm just curiouse as to why people are saying they arnt real and I don't mean this to offend or get myself gagged I a very much someone who has to see it to believe it and in this case the other way around

If anyone would like to give a an answer to my question please reply thanks. ;)
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Re: Jumping to conclusion
By: / Novice
Post # 2

With as many people as there are today, it would be increasingly harder to hide something like that. Someone would have slipped and then it would be documented in a way that it was proven as true.

Along with that, the myth of vampires and werewolves come from a misunderstanding of illness and death, and that can be proven.

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Re: Jumping to conclusion
Post # 3
It's not that everyone believes they aren't real, just the ones that leaves those comments. If you have 3 people saying its takes some courage for someone to stand up and voice their opposite opinion. Most people feel it's not worth the argument, or maybe they will appear silly in the eyes of others.
I personally don't think they are real (blood sucking vampires with supernatural powers, and human that turn werewolf on the full moon) at least not in the terms in which I've seen and heard about them (books and television). But who knows maybe they are. There's people that don't believe in fairies, ghost, demons, Gods, etc....This site has a beautiful mix of people, with a variety of beliefs. Is anyone truly right, or wrong if it works for them? I don't think Bigfoot is real either, because I'd think they'd be more proof of existence besides grainy footage, and blurred photos if they were. But, for those who have seen one, they wouldn't care of my opinion. My rambling point is, we are all here to learn, and to teach. But don't let others point of view solely change yours. There is nothing wrong with believing or not believing.
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Re: Jumping to conclusion
Post # 4
Well I agree with both comments in a way I agree their would be someone who slips up and the other comment I agree that I should let my own beliefs come first truth is I'm not sure on my beliefs and iv had a couple of accounts on here and for saying things like this they've been gagged
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Re: Jumping to conclusion
By: / Novice
Post # 5

It's not so much that they get gagged because they mention stuff like this, it's that they get gagged because they are unreasonable about it. You are fine. You're curiosity about the subject is fine, and it is healthy to question what other people say. Just don't get in over your head and be reasonable and level-headed about it.

You have a right to what you believe. That doesn't make it fact, so keep in mind that you should not act like it's hard fact.

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