ghosts as familiars?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> ghosts as familiars?

ghosts as familiars?
Post # 1
is it possible to make a spell to summon a spirit to become a familiar or helper or.. you know (probably)
i've been having this question for a while now (if it was possible for the dead to become someone's familiar.. or make a spell to summon a willing spirit to become a familiar)
there are ways to contact the dead (and summon their spirits.. or a couple demons/evil spirits if done incorrectly,) so.. i was wondering if it was possible for a spirit to become someone's familiar

dammit i think i repeated the question more than once... well does anyone know if this is possible? (or.. if this "might" be possible or has a theory where this might be possible)
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Re: ghosts as familiars?
Post # 2
I have a spirit (or as most would call him, a demon) who could be considered my familiar. I think you could say yes to that. I don't know if you could do it with the souls of the dead, though.
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Re: ghosts as familiars?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
From my research, a spirit/entity can be a familiar, what else would it be? As far as the deceased, no. It would be extremely disrespectful to just "summon" a spirit to do your bidding. Through my experiences of working in graveyards with these spirits, its proper to communicate with them and build some sort of relationship with them before asking them for favors. To just "summon" them, or to just ask them outright, would be like a stranger knocking on your door, pulling you out of your house, and then requiring them to do what ever they ask. Its rude. (if you get my drift here.)

Plus, some sort of payment should always be presented to them. Whether it be dimes, or something they enjoyed in life. (cigars, wine, favorite flowers, etc.)Some references will say that most spirits who are willing to help, will only want to help for one working. Others will say as many as they are willing. I would suggest getting to know said spirit. But keep in mind that they're people as well.

Back to the familiar subject, this isn't a "master servant" relationship either. Its actually quite mutual. They can actually even get rebellious at some point while working with them. You're a team working together. You need to give it some sort of energy in order for it to carry out your tasks in the astral realm, and have a strong relationship foundation. Though, familiars can be released as well, using proper methods.

I have some methods I've found quite effective on the subject if you wish to continue to matter. Just message me.
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Re: ghosts as familiars?
Post # 4
hmmm.. i know that the deceased are people (and i know that having a familiar isn't like a "servant-Master" relationship (so to speak)..
if the ywant energy.. i'll give them what they need and an extra (hell yeah i'll even give them enough energy to cause an earthquake if they want!... if they are willing to help me)

and AstralAsh.. some would consider your familiar/spirit a demon?
..why do you say that?
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Re: ghosts as familiars?
Post # 5
He was 'given' to me by a close witch friend of mine for protection purposes, though we work together for other reasons too. That friend called him a demon, since she believes all spirits are demons (she's very Christian-Wiccan) though not all demons are bad by nature and can be dealt with.

I know the concept of demons stirs discomfort in many, which is one of the reasons I prefer to call him something else- that and my religion doesn't believe in demons.
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Re: ghosts as familiars?
Post # 6
hmmm... i see (that is very interesting)
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