What magic can/can't do.

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What magic can/can't do.
Post # 1
More than once, despite the multiple people who say they are not possible, there is always that one person who asks that same question, just in different flavor each time, "Can I become a werewolf/vampire/dragon? Can I stop time?" To summarize, they are asking, "Can I do the impossible?" to which there is only one answer, "no", you see, magic does not work that way, as well, anyone who asks that should not be attempting even simpler spells yet. Also take note that I said simpler and not "easier" because spells are not easy overall, there is no difficulty, about the only difference between each is in their complexity and intended effect. Now, back to where I was, the best way to explain it would be to give a visual representation. Think of a wall, this is the boundary of reality, each person separated by their own wall, spells are like a push on the wall, and I know, spells don't make up magic but are still the most common type of magic practice amongst multiple cultures. Also, I should elaborate, spells aren't a flick with a wand and "poof", no, they are basically rituals. Some are more complex, others more simple, but none have more difficulty than another, since they all require just as much concentration and focus. Everytime you cast a spell, you bend the wall by a small bit, giving you more room to do more things, but although some bend that wall more than others, they never break the wall. Think of fantasy or "fluffed spells" as ones that are said to break the wall, supposed, "Exceptions", when in reality they don't even push. What I am getting at: Spells that change your anatomy, change time and space, that do things that are nigh impossible, on both science and most phisolophical standards, are fake. To all new members, be sure you check the "Fantasy Spells" section. All the spells added here are Fluff spells, ones that do not work and go against any real possibilities of even existing.
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Re: What magic can/can't do.
Post # 2
All the spells added to "Fantasy" are fake spells, I meant.
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Re: What magic can/can't do.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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