Unknown Ritual (urgent)

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Unknown Ritual (urgent)
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Dark brown robes or maybe dark red hood that has no visible faces.?

Each has a gold covered mask no skin was seen.?
The only one who did anything was an owl.?

He was in the middle the owl person was on one side on the other side opposite of owl person there was a fireplace and then there were the sides where 4 people in robes on each side.?

They stood holding 8 goblets all normally colored flames.?

Within them there were white candles .?

The one that did something besides stand and possibly the others were chanting.?

In the 9th candle not apart of the circle, a black candle fully bluish flame.?

They all had golden animal head masks such as owl ox etc.?

When the person tried to see through them via some sort of telepathy they saw these stone buddha heads through each one and no faces after these seemingly impenetrable masks if they were even masks.?

The one that did the ritual while the others stood and did nothing But possibly chant the guy didn't say.?

That one had an owl mask head and the fire place above the person in the center had some sort of an owl kind of taxidermy.?

He then pulled out a black stick slightly bigger then a metal chopstick like a wand of some sorts.

It was dipped into The golden goblet with The blue fire the flame caught on and touched the man's head with the wand and then he inserted the wand inside his head and pulled it out.?

A light radiated from inside him he says. Through his eyes and skin making his skin look transcluscent.?

While this was all happening It seemed as if some sort of Buddha figure watched The whole thing. I seemed to have disappeared from their vision. It seemed I made eye contact with the person. They all had the same stone faces under neeth of Siddhartha Gautama.?

They referred to some sort of prophecy talking about him stating he was the person of prophecy some sort of chosen entity.?

It looked like a medium sized office. And the fire grew during the ritual according to the man's memories.?

He also stresses that it was not a dream.
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