Not obsessing over spell

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Not obsessing over spell
Post # 1
One of my biggest problems when I cast a spell is allowing to let it go. I do trust that the spell will work, but I still find myself obsessing over it and obsessing over it waiting for it to show signs that it is working. I've tried to do some reading, but was struggling to find anything to help me. I don't know what I should differently I don't want to keep obsessing over my spell
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Re: Not obsessing over spell
Post # 2
I guess I can't just say 'don't worry about it', since that wouldn't really help. I know the struggle all too well from my beginning days.

Since it doesn't sound like it comes from a place of anxiety, I assume what you're feeling is excitement- you are excited to see if your spell has worked. You're anticipating it. Excitement can be as hard to work with as anxiety, but I'll try to help.

I would suggest you find something to distract yourself, or you could also try mediation. I find that sitting down and thinking, "My spell is working/has worked. I do not need to worry about it anymore," and accepting it, letting that feeling really sink in, helps a lot.
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Re: Not obsessing over spell
Post # 3
I'm currently having the same issue. I've heard it's best to completely forget about the spell after you cast it, in order to see results. But it's really hard to forget. Any tips or advice from people who have had this problem?
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Re: Not obsessing over spell
Post # 4
Something that helps me and might help you is going out in the woods and listening to music. Just lose yourself in the vivid sensory detail of the trees and miscellaneous vegetation blowing in the wind, and combine that with emersion in the music along with trying to decypher what the song means on every level. Just focus on those things, and you'll soon stop thinking about your spell. Actually, you can use this to stop thinking about anything really.
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Re: Not obsessing over spell
Post # 5
Although I have nothing new to add and the replies and suggestions given here match my own guesses of things to do to stop this problem, I just wanted to say...this has been one of the biggest synchronicities of the past few months for me, it's unbelievable...I logged on here today precisely to ask for help with obsessing over a spell and not being able to 'let it go', and this is the very first post I find when I look at the forum home page. Just knowing that other people are going through the same thing has been a great help. Thanks for posting this! Good luck with it, too!

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