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Open my Eyes
Post # 1
So I have a strange question i was sitting with a Wiccan friend of mine she has an ability to see spirits an energys. My house has many spirits in it I can feel them when they are around me but my ability is off an on sometimes i will know they around an other times i dont feel them at all my friend said that for some reason my eyes are clouded. Jus wondering if anyone would have an idea as to why my ability comes an goes. I have been practicing Wicca for about 9 years an have experenced many different super natural being.
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Re: Open my Eyes
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Could be the veil. There's a veil between the physical plane and the spiritual plane [Ethreal] the thinnest point is Samhain and Beltane. People usually start noticing more activity around this time. I've dealt with spirits since I was a kid and even I don't 'see' spirits all year.

Meditation, balancing your chakras, and energy work can help you. You can also try relying more on your intuition because it can strengthen your clairvoyance.
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Re: Open my Eyes
Post # 3

Most likely it is just an energy blockage, or even that you are too preoccupied with other things at the time when you do not notice them. While spiritual activity is said to be more dominant during the time the veil "thins" this would not alter your own perceptions. If it is something you wish to do on a more regular basis I would suggest chakra work. Make sure you balance all the chakras, starting from the root and working your way up. A lot of people jump to this practice and simply work on the third eye, which can result in worsening any imbalance already there.

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Re: Open my Eyes
Post # 4
I completely forgot about Samhain comin soon, didnt know that the veil grew thinner around this time. Thanks for the help I will do that havent ever done any chackra work or practice Im really getting more interested in this so wanting to strenthen it.
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