A little humour

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> A little humour

A little humour
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 1
I thought I would write a little about my life at the moment.
I used to have a dog,Toby,but I can no longer walk, so my son has him now. But I now have a kitten!

He is 5 months old,and an adorable menace! Like all children, he is"into"and"onto"everything.Furniture,cupboards,shelves. Especially the book shelves! I am constantly picking up books from the floor! He likes to knock ornaments down. He's smashed a few! My house is his adventure playground.
And he is lightning fast! Very boisterous.A running,jumping,CATastrophe!
I couldn't think of a name for him, so he is called Kat. He has grey and black stripes, and thinks he is a tiger! He also has a snow white throat,and white paws.
He also has what all kittens have,needle sharp claws! My legs and hands are covered in scratches.I am suffering from CATapuncture!
He has toys,but prefers to play with bits of screwed-up paper; especially the coloured toffee and chocolate wrappers.
A fur covered bundle of energy.
And I absolutely love the little beast!
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Re: A little humour
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Aww. :3

I have a cat myself, but he isn't as energetic. He's a little, lazy, mama's boy.

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Re: A little humour
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I'm actually looking into adopting a dog. Haven't been allowed to own a dog in about 13 years [though I have done a lot of dog sitting for other people] I really hope the one I'm seeing Sunday works out [I hope he's not too loud being part beagle]

I've had my share of cats, my current one my sister brought home as a kitten [and he still had blue eyes so he was probably a month old] he can be rather destructive. My sister and I have moved out but mom still has him. He will 'gracefully' walk around objects only to knock them over with his tail then look back giving this confused grunt. Be careful Kat doesn't chew threw any wires. Gir [my cat] destroyed many pairs of headphones when he was teething.
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