Precognitive Lucid Dream

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Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 1
Hi Everyone,
I've had precognitive lucid dreams since I was born. I hope that's the correct term for it. If not, just tell me ;)
I dream of an event. In my dream I can fully explore the event. The events aren't always positive. I can walk where I want and do what I want in the event/dream. I can't change the outcome though. Whatever I do, the outcome stays the same. The dream keeps returning until the event really happens. I can sense when the event has begun. An event is a series of happening or doings. I can notice when the first doing has started. And so I can know what is coming next. That's how the dreams work for me. The only problem is, some dreams are more like horrors and knowing that they will happen, make it your worst nightmare. I want this dreams to stop. I want to give up the precognitive ability in exchange for the dreams to stop. My gift has become a curse. Does anyone know how to get rid of these dreams?
Thanks, and have a good day ;)
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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 2
Can anybody help me with this?
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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 3
Do they fortell of things that will happen in real life, or just those in the dream? Just curious, because this post is worded a bit oddly.

That said; I have experience with frightening lucid dreams, though they're different from yours. With mine, my dreams start out normal, and then when things get a bit hairy I become lucid and realize I am dreaming. From there, I can do four things:

1.) Focus on something in the real world, anything. Words, images, scents, etc. Last time I had a frightening dream and I wanted to wake up, I thought about my pet snail and the phrase "GO!" These were completely random, but they tied me enough to the waking world that I woke up.

2.) Black out the dream-screen. If my dream is a TV that has started playing a horror movie, what better thing to do than turn the TV off? Doing this prevents me from seeing frightening things and wakes me up pretty quickly.

3.) Create a shock big enough to wake me up. This can be loud dream noise or my dream self 'passing out' or being hit by something.

4.) Use my dream abilities. I would consider these abilities to be 'level ups', but considering you have practice in being lucid, you should be able to get these straight-away instead of working at it like I did. These abilities can include turning invisible or becoming a 'specter' (making you invisible, able to float, and 'nonexistent' with objects able to pass through you if you wish.) When I discovered these, I was having a scary dream about school and turned invisible, then into a specter. I then flew away and ended up watching some kid's basketball game and messing around with their ball. It was hilarious.

My point is, I don't know how to stop your precognition, but I do know how to escape a lucid dream or change the turn of events. You may find other methods you like (If you do, please tell me) and these are just ones I've used. Best of luck c:
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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 4
Thanks AstralAsh,
My dreams foretell things that will happen in reality.
Sorry for my bad English ;)
Thanks for the tips on escaping a dream. I didn't know that I could become invisible or anything similar in a lucid dream. For me it feels like the same physics as on earth are present. I can only do things that I can do in real life. Creating a shock seems a possibility though. The only way I've found to escape my dream was through dead. And that isn't fun.
I'll try your advice. Maybe that could be a solution.
Thanks ;)
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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 5
Alright, thanks for clarifying. I hope those things work for you. Even if the physics have stayed the same before, your belief that it truly is a dream may change things.
I wish you the best of luck. ^u^
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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 6
Ok it looks like your lucid dreams are recurring and usually things that happening and they are not good. What confuses me is this: you say you can walk where you want and do what you want in the event/dream. If this correct you can stop it, because you have the power. But if you can't, it means you in denial and in reality you cannot do or walk anywhere in your dream, and it's just an illusion of "I Can"

The reason the events aren't always positive, it's because there is a conflict between your subconscious mind and your conscience desire, therefore you cannot change the outcome.
The dream keeps returning until the event really happens, because you can't control the universal power, however if these events involves you, you can stop it, and for me to help you, I need to know the exact events...

I am happy to help your bad dreams to stop, but I don't think you need to give up your gift, and it's not a curse, it's just your fear that is controlling your dream.
Contact me if you can't figure out how to stop it after this message, and I'll be happy to help.

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Re: Precognitive Lucid Dream
Post # 7
Thanks AstralAsh :)
Thanks LadyClarity :)
I'll give you an example of an event that I cannot change.
I dream of being in a forest and I hear my Ex-girlfriend scream. I start running towards the scream and she hangs her self. No matter how fast I run or what I do. I can't prevent her from doing it. I'm free of moving and doing what I want. But I come too late to prevent things.
I hope this clarifies the situation.
Thanks for you help. And I'll contact you.
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