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Post # 1
hi people, am so confused with this.

see,i don't know how but somehow when i was still young,i saw the future,an event that will take place. don't know if i dreamt of it or i though of it but there are events when they took place i knew certain that i had seen them,or experienced them somehow and i try to control the events but i just do what i saw( fulfilling the event).
sometimes i let it be and just stood there and watched....thinking to myself "God, why can't i control this,why am i seeing it"

it always took me by surprise, came unexpectedly.
i witnessed this several days every year but it's all gone now....and it bothers me...

has this happened to you?
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Re: confused
Post # 2
Oh yeah most folks have experienced some form of deja vu, which be a minor effect of what your referring to. I have an aunt that has a dream that the entire family has accepted as visions into the future. Sadly she only dreams about a family member passing on, gives us a heads up about a week in advance. To my knowledge she has discussed the dreams openly fwith the family and so far has been 100% accurate in the five times she spoke about it.

This kind of thing can be good but I would imagine for her it is horrible since if she has the dream she has to face being the harbringer of death.
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Re: confused
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 3
Polug, this sort of "visualizing" can happen to anybody, in dreams or even awake! So let me tell you of actual events that will actually happen.
On this very day,somewhere in the world there will be an earthquake;a volcano will erupt; cars will crash; a train will be derailed; a plane will crash; people will die; people will be born; people will be shot dead,blown to bits. All these things will happen somewhere in the world; and anybody can "visualize" them.
Dreams can seem very "real" at times. Don't worry about it. Everybody does it at some time or another!
You are not "seeing the future". You are merely "seeing" things that are likely to happen.
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